365.10m 2013.07.02

‘A billion stars go spinning through the night, blazing high above your head. But IN you is the presence that will be, when the stars are dead.’ – Rainer Maria Rilke

Ponder that quote for a minute and see if it inspires anything.

10 – 15 minutes, supernova.


One thought on “Starstruck

  1. I run through the corridors frantically trying to reach the captain’s rooms. The captain’s room is on the other side of the shuttle, far away from where the working crew houses. I always imagined that his room was dressed in fine linens of royal standards, hand carved wooden furniture from the largest red oaks known to man and everything lined in gold instead of brass. He always seemed to be a bit old fashion and was a history enthusiast, the 21st century being his favorite moment in time. I guess I should brush up on my history, because upon entering his room I saw posters sprawling the walls featuring such characters as “Dr. Who,” “Nathan Fillion,” “Star Wars,” and other designs that I could not name by the image alone. He had other decor that just didn’t seem necessary to have. Instead of a standard issued shuttle clock that could imprint your field of vision with the time he had an alarm clock with red digital numbers and a television that you had to hang on the wall versus appearing mid air when telepathically turning it on. I don’t understand why he was so nostalgic, but this wasn’t the time to discuss his personal preferences, this was time to discuss the stars.

    “Captain,” he said through heavy breaths, “the situation is worsening. The stars seem to be disappearing faster. It is as if someone is plucking them out one by one.”

    “Hmmm.” Was the only response the captain could muster. He was too engrossed in reading a book about the Art of Shaving and seemed to not hear a single word I have said.

    “Captain! This is serious! If the stars continue to disappear we will not be able to use our navigation systems properly and may forever be lost in this galaxy!”

    Our expedition was to find an entrance point into a parallel universe. At this time the Earth had been so depleted by its own people that it was impossible to live in the open air any longer. The air was polluted with toxins from chemical wastes, the waters where poisoned from centuries of dumping, and the atmosphere was destroyed by our misuse of technology that global warming had taken its toll and made the climate almost unbearable to live in. Our mission was to find a parallel world that had the sense to take better care of its home and hopefully relocated our population to give them a new chance on life.

    “I think the next time we are on land I will look into buying one of these brushes. It is amazing how one can use it to lather a thick white cream and then you use a sharp blade to remove unwanted facial hair. It says that there is no better way to receive a close shave. Do you think that it is more efficient than the laser treatments we do?”

    Was the captain even listening to me? “Sir, the stars are disappearing and the navigator cannot foresee how much longer we can stay in this quadrant of the universe when the stars are burning out. The team has come to the belief that each time a star bursts it releases some type of gas into the air that can trigger the other stars into bursting as well. At this rate we only have 16 hours left before we are lost in this solar system.”

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