365.10m 2013.07.03

‘The moment is the sole reality.’ – Karl Jaspers

Write down everything you see, think, feel – whatever is around you! Don’t think of this as work, its a total of ten minutes in a day of 1,440 minutes. We would all be so lucky if we only had to work that long.

10 – 15 minutes, action!


One thought on “Halt!

  1. Ants.

    Little black bodies, tiny little legs,
    Crawling around in unwanted places,
    That will now lead them to death.


    Purple sweet scents fill the air,
    Scattering the undesirables,
    As chemical foam tends to scare.


    Evil laughter is what I share,
    Farewell my bothersome chefs,
    There are no more jobs on hand.

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