Behind the Curtain


“Rain will make the flowers grow.” Les Mis

So many of the things in our lives exist only because of some smaller miracle that has preceded it. A lush forest takes our breath away from the rain that fed it prior; a delicious dinner nurtures us, prepared unseen behind kitchen doors.


In writing a lot of writers fall apart because they are trying too hard to build up a character, a place, or some complicated plot line. I believe that most of the writing we do is purely for the writer so that they themselves can understand the whole story.

Rather than go into great lengths talking about the rainfall that brought the forest into existence spend some time talking about the trees and the nature itself, create that world and the rain will be acknowledged by the reader. As much as a person likes to read they like to connect the dots and tend to stray from writers that point out everything.

So, skip the first part and start at the next. Later when you reread the piece you may find you enjoy being dropped in the middle of the action more than crawling towards it.


Enjoy! 10 – 30 minutes.


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