‘I could fill a book with the things I don’t know, but it’d be a pointless endeavor. To write that book I would have to research the things that I didn’t know and by the very nature of ‘knowing’ I would have one less thing to write down.’ – Charles Gibbons

Right, exactly.

Get to it.

10 – 30 minutes.


One thought on “Fetch

  1. “Which one will it be sir?” As he gestured to the books in front of him.

    In front of him were neatly stacked books that had different types of career opportunities all trying to grab your attention with some unrelated picture. Why on one of the thin books was a man climbing a ladder wearing ripped denim jeans, no shoes, and a half buttoned shirt that was suppose to make me want to join in the Pharmaceutical companies. Another pictured the back of a girl sitting in a wooden Adirondack chair facing the ocean with the setting sun that representing a life in Social work. As tempting as it would be to sit on the beach as this woman was, I know for a fact that Social Workers get paid crap for the changes they provide their communities. Plus you’d spend more on schooling then you would….

    A soft grunt interrupted my thoughts and the man spoke, “Why don’t you just grab one of each if you are so unsure of what the answer is to your future.” I watched as he gathered a copy of each pamphlet and followed his eyes to the long line that had formed behind me due to my indecisiveness. I grabbed them from his hand and continued to walk through the job fair.

    I passed by men in uniforms, both blue and red, talking about their pride in serving the communities, pointing to pictures on posters that made the danger of their jobs seem obsolete. I passed men in three piece business suits who had fancy technology of power points and videos that could be accessed online to show you the ultimate tour of the work you could provide for these companies. All of them had some type of grab bag to offer and they were filled with anything from pamphlets and business cards to water bottles and lanyards that illustrated the company’s logo.

    As I walked sharp pains in my arms increased as the collection of opportunities weighed more and more with each artifact I collected. In a panic I saw a neon exit sign towards the back of the room and unloaded my future into the trash can closest to the path slamming into the handle. I inhaled long and hard a breath of fresh air as the door swung open. What was I doing here? This place was not going to have the answer to my problems.

    I don’t know what the answer is; I just know it wasn’t here. The pressure placed on you to make a decision and decide what you should do is impossible when everyone has an opinion on what you are suppose to do. How I feel like Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole hearing the queen tell Alice, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Well right now that impossible thing was more than six and I could fill a book with the things of the unknown and impossibilities.

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