Fortress of Self

kingdomcome“Rocks in my path? I keep them all. With them I shall build my castle.” 
― Nemo Nox



The things that we choose to carry and the way we live our lives define us.

Look at the way you dress, the way you decorate your room or your office, and try to see what others might see when they enter your world. How we act is only a small part of who we are. The posters you may hang or the pictures you frame may say more about you then you want to give away.

Enter a room that has been abandoned. Maybe you are looking for someone or you need a place to hide; what does the room you walk into look like, and what does it tell you?


5 thoughts on “Fortress of Self

  1. A loud whistle passed my ear. As I followed the sound bark from an old red oak tree flew off violently. I dropped to the ground and crawled behind a rock. My heart raced, sweat dripped from everywhere and the ringing in my ears blinded my sight. I slowly lifted my head as I regained my awareness to look at my surroundings and another whistle passed my ear bouncing off the rock with a loud clank. I needed to find a place to hide, somewhere safe and far from the madman armed with an old hunting rifle. I rolled myself in the ground behind the rock hoping that enough would cover me so I could find a better vantage point. As I crawled away a small opening between earth and rock lay ahead and I slithered into the hole.
    I maneuvered my way through twists and turns, scrapping my arms as I pulled myself up. I was standing. ‘How was I able to stand up fully?’ I walked forward towards a flickering light that called for me from the distance. As I got closer I found that I was against a wooden plank. The plank was similar to a door and I pulled it open.

    I was standing in a candle lit room. This room had newspaper clippings dating back to the 50s flooding a desk, with some sort of timeline posted on the wall behind. I briefly looked at the red string that seemed to pin from one image or article to the next only to see a mangled connection between the roles of the president with some random accusations. A conspiracy nut I thought. My eyes continued to scan the room and saw an old doll neatly dressed propped on a bookcase, an old picture of a family turned to its side, and a box of crayons. There were also animals stuffed and mounted on the wall. As I started to count the animals a deep distress filled the pit of my stomach. ‘Am I in the man’s home that I was running from?’ I heard a sound that reminded me of a rock landing in the bottom of an empty well. ‘Oh shit. He’s coming.’

    I ran to the side of the room that had the poorest light. Along the way I tripped over the area rug and found myself crawling behind a couch. Frantically I looked for an escape, or a place to hide that would leave me unnoticed, or a weapon to use if I had to barrel out. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small crack in the wall. I quickly moved to the crack and found the heavy concrete bricks were loose. I pulled one out, then another and another until there was enough room for me to fit. I laid all the bricks back into place. I took a deep breath of relief and tensed as I heard a sound move closer. I backed away leaning into something soft and as I felt around with my hands in the darkness I held my breath when I realized I was in a bedroom.

    ‘Wait? This is a room?’ I couldn’t see without the candle light that was offered in the previous room, but my heart raced knowing that it could be only a matter of moments before someone entered more aware of the surroundings than me. I felt around, letting my hands guide me. I found a pair of crutches. ‘Crutches? Can I outrun him?’ I grabbed one in hopes of using it as a weapon. I dragged the crutch behind me and continued to search the room. At last I found something that seemed like it could be of use. I traced my hand along a hard, cool surface which had a pair of headphones, a keyboard and a stack of magazines. ‘Drawers.’ I opened the first drawer I found and felt a soft, worn paper that reminded me of something that has been handled and read over and over again, and then dull knife, a letter opener. Now I can sit and wait.

  2. The room was coated beneath a layer of dust and I coughed as the upturned flakes settled on my face and chest. The hole I had fallen through blended into the dark rafters and the once plush couch had used its fleeting remains to break my fall. The cushions dipped deep into the couch and I knew that the frame, if not before, was now broken. The room was a black and white photograph, everything gray and still, as if I had fallen into a memory of the past.

    I pulled myself out of the couch and plumes of dust billowed out from my shirt as I beat my hands into the fabric. Looking around the room I could find no visible source of light. My shoes left beach-side impressions into the gritty ground as I made my way to a closed door across the room. I used the sleeve of my jacket to wipe a space clean on the door and then pressed my ear to listen for any sounds. There was no way my fall had gone unnoticed. Only silence resounded back through the wood.

    The room was filled with furniture that looked to be dated from the 1920s. The wall beside the door was bare save for a frozen clock and a small table holding a lamp. I pulled the chain and received nothing for my attempt. The clock showed 8:52. I looked down at my watch, 8:50. I surveyed the rest of the room and aside from the couch and the lamp I saw only a few chairs and an antique desk.

    A sound of a lock disengaging startled me and I jumped beside the table and lifted the lamp as a weapon. My watch showed 8:52 and I couldn’t help but look at the clock to see a matching time. Ripping the cable out of the wall to free the lamp I brandished it in my pocket and approached the door. The seconds ticked past on my watch and I felt a sudden understanding that if I didn’t open this door before 8:53 I would have to wait again. I touched the doorknob and it was ice to the touch. Ignoring the burning pain of the cold I twisted the nob and pulled the door open. Before me stood a wall of darkness and with a shaking breath I stepped over the threshold.

    The ominous light suddenly shifted from the room I had fallen into the hallway that I now stood. As I closed the door behind me I could not discern the couch or the clock in the wall through the veil of blackness and I closed the door behind me. It locked instantly.

  3. it says wee bee tried many methods before giving up on fixing her toilet. that she is possibly lazy – since there is one other functioning toilet – or possibly broke – too expensive to call a plumber. the number of objects in the abandoned bathroom indicate that perhaps she is not lazy. there is a plunger, two types of toilet cleaners, a wiki-how page and a plumbing snake. this would all seem very curious to anyone who does not understand that calling a plumber would mean mamma bee would almost certainly arrive as if the house were in shambles and wee bee needs help with activities of daily living.

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