Free Day?

Today I arrived at the bus stop at the same time as a fellow teacher. Chance encounters like this can often determine the mood of the day. Since moving to Ukraine I have found I am more solitary and neat worthy than I originally believed. I think that this is a result of location rather than personal habit; if I were in a more friendly and optimistic country that spoke english everywhere, which is almost all of Europe aside from Ukraine, I would feel less of an urge to run into a familiar home and barricade myself with monotonous daily rituals.

But, on the other hand, I do love my morning rituals.

I went to two classes today and they were marginally successful. In my second class the students didn’t want to pay attention and I even had to sit one kid down and threaten to take him to the Headmistress if he didn’t start listening.  I doubt he heard a word I said. I went to the staff room and asked two teachers to help me find out when I was teaching again and with whom. They both told me there was no schedule and to not show up tomorrow. Someone will call or text me tomorrow night to let me know about Friday.



After school I stood in the rain beneath the umbrella of a student. I ducked under it for comic relief. Standing next to us was a group of seven students trying to hide beneath two umbrellas pushed together. They laughed at my joke and took a picture on their phones. In my red hoodie I kind of look like Santa Claus and this brings them much enjoyment.

The bus ride home made me realize that switching to electronic journals over written is preferable when traveling. The bus shakes and bounces in uncontrollable volleys that make me question how its still running. If I had a pen and paper I would not be able to write a single word. My old iPhone 3GS has become a valuable tool. Sometimes I just hover my fingers over the keyboard and the bouncing bus moves the phone and pushes they keys for me. It’s far less annoying to hit backspace than to get ink out of my clothes or skin from a bad jolt.


Its the small things, like a reliable old iPhone, that make you happy. Especially since the old iPhone is too old to get the new iOS7 update on it which has made all new Apple products more or less agonizing to use. An example of this; I wrote the word ‘absolute’ perfectly correct and when I hit the spacebar on my iPad it changed the word to ‘Bool ute’ for no reason.


I miss when the only thing I complained about was operating systems.


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