Sunday Tradition

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Here at brevitywit we are starting a new Sunday tradition. Throughout the week I am going to scour the vast internet for other pages about writing and pick one that I think would be beneficial for any writer. Of course there are hundreds of pages and all of them will in some way help but I am going to focus on pages that help the struggling and aspiring writer; writers like me, that talk about writing and who fill up pages upon pages with words but have yet to see those words shared in any literary context with the world.


Writers Write Creative Blog – Feature Colin Dexter

On that page you will find some interesting quotes and a little biography about Colin Dexter. The quote that I found most moving relates to a previous writing prompt on this blog about laying the bones.

‘I always write from the beginning to the end, pretty dreadful stuff, really; but you’ve got the scaffolding up. Then I start at the beginning and go over it again.’ – Colin Dexter


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