Empty Day

Today I woke up late. On Monday they told me not to come into school because there were no classes. No classes at all for English students. I am happy to say that I am hitting rock bottom on distractions and this can only mean good things for writing. I’ve spent some time looking into journals that can be downloaded and used because I am hoping for something as aesthetically pleasing as a real notebook. This is proving to be impossible. The need to limit my life to a few electronic devices comes after a meeting we had in my apartment about getting it sprayed for bed bugs again.  So cue the rerun footage on that stressful nightmare.

But I woke up late and this set my day into an awkward chain of events. My shower ended almost as soon as it started. I had covered most of my body with soap before the hot water sputtered and then seized entirely. I had to finish off with ladles of ice cold stagnate water from a bucket we keep beside the tub. My roommate told me that she has never had to use a bucket bath the entire time she has been in Ukraine. After talking to most PCVs I am one of the only ones that has never had an incident involving vomit or poop in public. I will gladly take water problems over the inability to control one’s body.


My phone rang at 11AM and it was a member from my drama club begging to have the club meeting at 1PM instead of 3. That would have been great but unfortunately I am bound to 3PM because of my Counterpart. Today’s drama club will consist of us re-negotiating a meeting time because 3PM is just too late, especially for the kids traveling to other towns.

I have yet to leave the confines of my apartment and so my notes on Ukraine today are short and incomplete. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to elaborate more, especially on the drama club. I have yet to return to a previous post to fill in on the second half of the day, I don’t know if I ever will. It feels tedious.



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