Post Office

This morning I did not go to school. I am still waiting for the text message to inform me of my schedule. I am hoping that it will arrive soon. I decided that my school has to the end of October to work out the teaching schedule or I will transfer to a different institute. Tomorrow I will endure the burning hot glare of my Counterpart as I inform her. Schedules, for some unknown reason, are considered weird and arbitrary here. As much I grew up saying things like, ‘Live in the moment!’ ‘Burn out, don’t fade out!’ ‘I won’t ever drink alcohol or coffee!’ we all know that eventually we have to sit down and eat a piece of humble pie. After the 10th or so time of taking a bus across town to sit in a cold office at half of a desk only to be turned back home within fifteen minutes I have grown hesitant. I now only go to school for a sure thing.

Yesterday I had my drama club and in my opinion it was a mild disaster. It was audition day and I was excited to watch students audition for parts that they wanted to play in the English as a Second Language ‘A Christmas Carol’ production! Instead I stood in front of a classroom while the kids waited for me to just tell them what parts they would be playing. My Counterpart kept talking over me to tell me who should play each role.

‘Vadim should play Scrooge because he has a clear accent.’ She said to me.

‘Ok. Well, he does have a good accent but he isn’t here today and Igor wants to play Scrooge and Igor is here today during our casting call.’

‘No. It will be Vadim.’ My Counterpart sounded resolute.

‘It will be Igor. I told everyone first come first serve. This is a club, not a classroom (something I say far too often) and since he is here he gets it.’

‘Ah-hah. I see.’ A few minutes later she told me that she had to leave and I was left with assigning the roles. After that everyone went home. Less than an hour long.

This morning in the absence of going to ‘work’ I went to the post office. My sister sent me a package a few months ago and I am still checking every couple weeks to see if it has arrived. It hasn’t and the likelihood that it ever will is next to none. My roommate needed to send out a small letter and the charge for delivery was 60UAH. In American dollars thats not a lot but in local currency it is about the same as going grocery shopping. For those that don’t know we get paid in local currency, not dollars. It’s robbery, that’s what it is, robbery.



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