Snow. Government. Heat.

It’s snowing. This morning when I woke up the world was a flurry with dancing white flakes. It was also really cold. I received a phone call yesterday from my Counterpart informing me that there will be no more school for the next three weeks because the Ukrainian Local Government wants to save money. The Government isn’t shutting down the schools but rather they have stated that there will be no heat in any of the buildings. These buildings are old concrete and steel and in the winter time do a marvelous job of absorbing as much cold as possible. Rather than seem cruel the school administrators have decided to cancel all classes until the heat is turned on.

This lack of heat also applies to all homes and businesses that live on my half of the city. Not only do we not get running water all day like the southern half (South-City as I call it) but we also do not get heat until the government feels it is a necessary cost. Did I mention how cold it is? But its ok because we have an electric heater that does a really good job of keeping everything warm! The only time its a problem is during one of the random blackouts we’ve been experiencing.

Needless to say this is shaping up to be a wonderful October. We leave Friday for another city as Bed Bug Inspectors (old ladies with spray bottles) come into our apartment and treat the bed bug situation. Lets hope they get it done properly this time. I pre-emptively boiled a weeks worth of clothes so I don’t have to deal with as much stress when I arrive home. I am also out of my sleeping aid so tonight will be interesting.



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