He said. She said.

birds‘If you fall, I’ll be there’ – The Floor – This is a quote that I nabbed from George Takei’s website and I feel that it has many applications to writing.

In writing it can be very hard to get caught up in over-embellishing, to have characters constantly doing something in a particular way. This can be great when your character has a mannerism or when you need to push a point, but sometimes a character should just be a believable everyday character.

The simplicity of the quote says it all, ‘If you fall, I’ll be there’ – The Floor. When a character falls maybe he just falls. He doesn’t have to fall victim to the rules of gravity and shake the floor with a bone crunching thud, sending rippling vibrations through the nearest plank, shocking the plank into a fit of post traumatic stress as it remembers the vibrations of the axe that cut down the tree from whence it came. He doesn’t always have to respond angrily, sadly, happily, sheepishly, foxily – sometimes he can just respond.

Try writing a scene in as simple English as possible. Move quickly, prove your point. Then take a moment to read it over and decide what you can embellish or build up. As much fun as it can be to be as literary or creative as possible you have to remember your reader and sometimes reading all those multi-layered images back to back to back to back to back can be a bit tiresome.

Shoot it straight. Enjoy!


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