Club Students Not Seals

The Drama Club has breathed new life into my Peace Corps existence. I know many of the posts that I write here depict a struggle or some negative aspect of being in Ukraine but there are patches of happiness too. This being a blog, an electronic journal, means that when I recount my adventure here I am more likely to write the downs rather than the ups. When I experience the ups I don’t feel the urge to run and get the story off my chest; rather I spend that time throwing back a cold one with my wife and chatting about the positive activities of the day.

I rewrote the play and once it is accepted by my Drama Club I will go ahead and post my English as a Second (Foreign) Language play on this blog for free! I had to add more lines for certain characters because my University students actually requested if they could have more English speaking lines. It really boosted my day. Tomorrow I will start the new script with them after I wake up earlier than normal to deal with my Counterpart and her last minute request to be present at school. She tried to tell me that I was being unprofessional but then I quickly reminded her that she is in charge of my schedule and has failed to give me solid timeline for over a month now.

The day has been rather relaxed since then. The phone ran a couple times and I didn’t answer because the number showed up as unknown. Typically when I answer an unknown phone call it is a wrong Ukrainian number that demands in Russian numerous times for me to give the phone to their friend. I usually just keep speaking English until they realize they’ve called the wrong number.


So far I have made two sort of friends in my town. One of them is an Egyptian transplant and the other is a Christian Iranian that showed me his Persian Bible because he wanted me to understand that he was a christian. The Iranian is a very nice fellow and I told him I would practice English with him in exchange for free coffee or Shawarma food. As a Peace Corps Volunteer I am not allowed to take money for any services. If it was the Iranian (I forgot his name) I hope he calls again and I will chance answering the phone.

I like that the only ‘friends’ that I’ve really made outside my school are two people from other countries that are seeking a better, safer, war-free home to live in. Both of them expressed that they would like to practice English with me so that they can move to America and find work there. All I’m thinking about is the free food.



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