Roommates and Drama

I mentioned this once before but we have a roommate. For those that have been following this record you will know that she is the one that brought the whole bed bug epidemic upon us. It has been a slow road to recovery.

I am getting older and with age I think that I have outgrown the patience for having a roommate. My wife and I have developed a wonderful system of co-habitaiton that there is literally nothing she can do that will ever interfere or ruffle the feather of my daily routines. This roommate seems destined to throw a wrench into every plan I create.

Laundry out here is a big deal. It is time consuming and must be done during the short windows of actual running water. Sure, you can save bottles of water but the apartment is small and space is valuable. I have a few bottles that I reserve for emergencies and so I hate to use them if I don’t have to. Today was a near miss. I woke up in the morning and found my roommate had woken up even earlier to do her laundry.

‘Hey, are you doing laundry?’ I asked, because I am polite and I hate confrontation. I can clearly see that she is doing laundry and am hoping that she will acknowledge her mistake.

‘Oh yeah, I’m doing some clothes right now. Did you need it?’

Roommate had been washing her clothes for the past three days straight. When we arrived back in our apartment after the bug fumigation I told her, ‘I will do my laundry in four days, on Thursday, so please get what you need done before then. I boiled some clothes before leaving to ensure that I didn’t get in anyone’s way during the rush to start re-boiling all of our stuff.’

‘Well… uh, today is Thursday. I said at the start of the week that today would be my laundry day.’ I thought I had made a compelling case.

‘Oh yeah you’re right. Well, I already started so its going to be a little while until I am done. Then its all yours.’

Really? Its all mine after you are finally done?


By the time it was ‘all mine’ the water had stopped running. Another reason running water is nice when you have to boil your clothes to kill potential bed bugs is that the running water makes it significantly easier to cool down the clothes. You can pour buckets of water on them and then try and squeeze the hot water out but without a constant flow of cold water you will surely get burned. Hot water is tricky and hides in the underbelly of the fabric. Trust me, I’ve tried many alternatives.

I left my clothes and went to my drama club. The two main characters decided they didn’t want to show up that day. Those two main characters were the crucial characters for today. I was doing the blocking, the stage movement, for the play today, and without the main characters it was almost a fools game. My Counterpart never showed up either.

The gem of my Peace Corps experience is starting to turn into a piece of coal.


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