Back To Basics


Hello. I know that over the past half-year of silence I have lost any of the few followers that I used to have. For that I sincerely apologize. After a brief experience on the terrors and curiosities of third-world medicine I ended up on the front line of the revolution in Kiev, Ukraine. I am not back in America, evacuated out of Sloviansk, Ukraine by my organization, The United States Peace Corps.

I plan on re-vamping this WordPress page and making it a much bigger deal. After a few months of acclimation in America I find that I am once again hitting the World Road. I am moving to China to teach English in the Fine Arts, Theater mostly, with a hopeful jump into literature and creative writing.

I plan on making this WordPress more fine tuned to focus on the lessons I learned from my Creative Writing Bachelor’s and to keep the freedom and spirit alive in free writing. I look forward to exploring the depths of our free-writing as we move on from this point.

Like with Ukraine I am going to break this down with two posts a day; one to reflect life in China, something I did not do well enough in Ukraine and as such I have removed those posts, but if you’d like to hear any of my first-hand accounts from Ukraine please feel free to leave a comment or message me. The second post will focus on creative writing of some kind. Thanks for tuning back in.




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