Global What?


After spending the better part of the last evening reading the news I was shocked to learn that more than 60% of Americans don’t think that global climate change will have an impact on their lives. I’ve been reading about the flash-floods in the Midwest, as well as a sudden spring of Tornadoes, and then there is the drought in the Southwest followed by one horrific wildfire ablaze outside of San Diego, which is close to Arizona where they recently had to contend with another snowstorm. All of these ‘isolated’ weather conditions are especially unique because they are all happening at the same time – that’s what connects the dots of global climate change.

I am still awaiting my contract to for my new adventure in China. I am hoping to have it soon. Meanwhile I’d like to encourage a free-write!

The global is spinning out of control with weird weather and crazy geo-political events. Think about something global that resonates with you and start to write. Lets see where it takes you. Perhaps it’s down an interstellar space path, a heart-beating political thriller, or a dystopian story of woe from climate change. Dealers choice. Think it over for a a minute, two tops, then start writing. Give yourself 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted writing time.


One thought on “Global What?

  1. I been living in a world where day to day is different. One morning it can be snowing and the other not. It is hard to plan any event ahead of time because you never know what the weather will be. I hear if you drive just 40 minutes south it will be hot and sunny, but then again I hear about a community that has lost so much in one winter, where I am.
    I live in a town that has had the hottest winter it has ever experienced. A winter that should have started in October and consistently snowed till May, but instead has only seen minimum snow. I have watched as snow resorts and rentals place signs ending the season months before it should. I come into the town wishing to see snow fall on a mountain and only fake snow to be made, and unsuccessfully, because they never had to resort to such.
    I can’t say I know any better being but a passenger in the town. But to hear the people complain that it has been the driest winter ever is more than a shock. I come from many places that think an inch of snow is the worst thing possible and to hear about a place that thinks that less than 3 feet is devastating is a shock. It is amazing to know that what one is accustomed to and what each part of this world expects can be so drastic. I only wish that the world can return to normal standards and that towns can operate on what they believe to be true.

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