The Park Lady

June is a proactive reinvention of what I want to become for the future. Past Karp has done a wonderful job of dropping the ball for Future Karp but I think we can all agree that a lot of that hinges on the efforts and work of Present Day Karp. Douglas Adams lamented that it takes significantly more time to not write a novel than to sit down and actually work on one. I am tearing a page out of his book. Not literally, mind you.

The point of this blog is to express travel writing and free-writing. For now I am in the Pacific Northwest and my stories will be small snippets of daily life in my current location. I went to the International Rose Garden in Washington Park and sat on a bench and listened to three women talk. I say ‘listened’ rather than ‘eavesdropped’ because when you sit in a public park a foot away from someone else can you really expect them to NOT listen to your conversation?

Lady in the Park

“So, I was at the airport and I saw other people there because I was at security going through the process of a security check”

Ok, well, that’s a good introduction. Let’s see how her story continues, shall we? At this point her two friends are deeply enthralled.

“I noticed that all of a sudden this women is cleared to go through security but that she left a folder behind. It was a manilla folder. And the security agents didn’t even notice that she had done that. So she had cleared security but with this mysterious folder left behind.”

Oh. Snap. Well, you can’t have things left behind at the airport. At this point I was getting intrigued.

(Park Lady points towards a row of roses) “So there is the folder. Right there. Right in front of my very eyes. And I and just thought, ‘Is this really happening in front of me?’ so I rushed over to the security agent and I said to him, ‘That lady over there, she left behind this folder. She was cleared through your security and her folder remained behind.’ The agent looked over at her and then back to me.”

At this point she took a lengthy pause. It was clearly for dramatics because she did not continue until someone asked her what the agent did next.

“He said to me, ‘That lady there?’ and I told him, ‘Yes, that’s the lady. She left behind the folder.’ Well the agent grabbed the folder and he walked right up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned and he handed it to her.”

Wait… he just, handed her the folder? Did the folder get a secret boost through security without being scanned? What is going on? What is the point of all those overhead warnings ‘If you see anything left behind report it immediately for your protection!’ if we’re just going to give the items back!

“The women thanked the agent for returning the folder and he said to her, he said, ‘Actually it was that women over there that saw that you had forgotten it.’ And the women turned and shouted over to me, ‘Thank you so much. These are x-rays for my orthopedic doctor and these are the one thing he told me to not forget.’ So I told her, ‘You can just send in digital copies, it’s so much simpler and much easier.’ She thanked me for the advice and said something about how he wanted the originals, as if anyone does anymore.”

And that was the end of the story.

I stared off into the roses and pondered the meaning of, well, THAT story. There was no point in sharing that tale for any other reason than to feed the ego of her narcissistic beast raging within. I’m assuming she is accustomed to a lot of ‘likes’ on things she posts on Facebook because she didn’t begin speaking again until after her two associates told her how fascinating they found her experience to be.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking the train up river to a small, desolate town. To the strangers on the train – I’m coming for you!




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