Hip! Hip! Work…

I have fallen behind in the world of word pressing, or is it blogging? Is it just journaling? The lingo keeps changing and I haven’t been keeping track. I know that as time moves on we create new and interesting ways to re-label things we’ve already been doing in order to make it sexy. We Justin Timberlake it as the kids say on the street. (In all fairness I did hear a kid say something like that on the street. #PreTeensKnowAll) Once my schedule starts to get more regular I hope to have this journblogwordpressing on a more normal schedule.

Officially I am now working more than full time so I’ve been very busy. This requires a lot of back and forth between my two jobs and I can already tell that they are getting ‘annoyed’ at all the schedule readjustments. Luckily it’s just been a tweak of an hour here or there, but it’s building up. The problem, of course, isn’t that I have two jobs – not entirely – but that each job doesn’t want to hire full-time. It’s a conundrum. They only hire part-time workers so that they can keep their wages down, but then they get mad when they have to keep tweaking a schedule because every employee has as a second part-time job that they HAVE to have because no one can live on just one.

I am in that beautiful grace period where I can make mistakes, make changes, and work at less than 100 percent (which is big for me because I’m working 50 hours a week, all manual labor, and I’m getting tired). One of the big benefits of being a previous store manager is that I know they can’t just fire me for being ‘slow at work’ because there may be some underlying cause that they don’t understand. What does this mean? It means that I’m going to get dragged into a meeting 30-90 days from my hire date where they will sit down and talk about what changes I need to make to become a better ‘Team Member.’ I only need these jobs for 30-90 days.

Good News Coming

I finally have the date set for the ‘meet and greet’ on the East Coast for my teaching job. It’s going to be absolutely wonderful to sit down and get some face time with the staff that will be in charge of my life for the next year or two. Now, as of this moment, it’s starting to feel more real. It’s funny how experiences like that just sit in the back of your mind, totally disconnected, until suddenly the flip is switched and you start feeling the full range of emotions and anxieties that follow. I’ve also learned that aside from my Peace Corps friend that is teaching with me there will be three other Americans living and teaching with us.

I think we may start a new Real World TV show.



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