Narrative Roots: Unconventional Lifestyles

Greetings to the lingering readers that have been patiently waiting for the return of Narrative Roots.

I am happy to announce that the website is taking a new turn. Narrative Roots is going to live up to it’s name as the website is now being authored by three writers, all of whom live exceptionally different lives.

Over the next few months the website will go through some transitions and changes but the variations in narratives and the challenges that are faced and overcome by three uniquely different people will keep you captivated and coming back for more! Check back every couple days to follow these new stories! In keeping with my sense of brevity I am going to introduce the new authors below.

The Weekday Preacher: Writer of Wrongs

You may recognize the name of the above writer from his own blog. The Weekday Preacher has happily accepted an offer to come and write for Narrative Roots. He is an inspirational and direct writer and through his experiences you will have the opportunity to jump on board with someone that has changed life paths mid-stream and who is about to embark upon an adventurous international experience for the first time.

Karpidiem: KD

This writer has lived all over America. She is a mother of three and living in a state that has been known to be hostile and mercurial in their approach to guests and daily routine. KD and the kids are heavily involved in the community, as much as they can be, and she must battle with low school ratings, Christian controlled girl scouts, outdoor soccer games that never fit a schedule, and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice if her family gets moved to another state. Although she is not a single parent, the father of the kids is often away with work and life for KD is anything but simple.

Karp Versus Three

The continuation of Karp’s narrative will finally pick up. After his time in Ukraine with the Peace Corps, and then his time away in China, Karp came back to America a broken man. Upon returning home his marriage fell into shambles and he was forced to find a new job in a new city away from everything that was once familiar. He will endure new job training, new social groups, hobbies, activities, and recreational proclivities to help expand his mind. Keep up with Karp to find out how this big transition will keep him solvent and get him back on the road to writing.



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