Pumpkin Seeds & Weeds

Today I battled the yard. This is not any ordinary yard but a yard already preoccupied by its own species,  You would think that aliens would not want to sprout their spores in New Mexico due to dry, infertile conditions but unfortunately I was mistaken. It’s true that we are only a short drive from Roswell making it plausible to believe that maybe one of those UFO’s landed slightly off the mark.  I began renting this home in October of last year seeing only a sad, brown, crunchy front yard with a dirt covered backyard dominated by fallen tree branches. I never expected such a hostile intrusion to occur in the spring!

Backyard Weed Invasion

Backyard Weed Invasion

To the untrained eye these may look like beautiful, lush flowering bushes purposely planted in the backyard, but we New Mexicans know better.  This is an alien invasion on our lands that we raise up arms against at the beginning of spring.  These creatures grew from small, single stranded buds, only bursting through two weeks ago, to these inhuman two feet tall clusters.  There isn’t any sure fire way that I’ve heard to guarantee that they will not overpopulate once trimmed or removed, so I decided that I would pluck them from the soils they have entangled themselves and drench the earth with chemicals.  Seemed easy enough but as I pulled them from their stolen territory they bled green releasing their seedlings onto me, utilizing me as their own personal mothership.  In that moment I knew that things needed to get choppy.  I had recently purchased a weapon of mass destruction and it was time for it to make its mark in the world.

Weapon to ensure human survival.

Weapon to ensure human survival.

Aliens – 1, Mankind – 0. Weapon failure had occurred and it was back to using the most powerful weapon of all – my hands.  For the next three hours I tugged, pulled, cursed, and secretly feared that the guardians of these weeds would descend upon me. In the end I was victorious, if you count only finishing a quarter of the yard as a triumph.  My arms ached, shaking silently from the manual labor they had endured.  I decided to retreat to the indoors to regain my energy and hopefully find my spirit and confidence to further defend this terrain.

Walking into my house I realized that time had escaped me again. I have this dissolution that I am able to complete various tasks fully within a timely manner.  I am not sure why I feel like I am Batman, but I think that holding onto this ideal helps me maintain positive energies.  I only had time to make sure thing (how we often refer to the 3 year old that I swear was body snatched and will eventually return to her sweet demeanor soon), would enjoy the snack grabbed.  The only food within grasp easy enough to pass to thing while in the car was pumpkin seeds.  Seeds are a staple in this house. The girls are fascinated that you can eat a seed before it grows or that you can eat a seed that once grew. They enjoy exploring the cycle of life anywhere they witness it.


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