The Flawed Calendar

Days blur together when you are not concerned with counting down to your next day off or your next scheduled vacation time.  Weave in countless activities and events happening weekly the only thing that gets me from Point A to Point B is that annoying sound my phone makes when the reminder screams at me. Every so often I can tell you what day of the week it is, especially if it is Sunday. Sunday funday! Sunday means wine! Oh! Then there is Monday! Monday I am celebrating the small chance to find an hour of uninterrupted peace by hiding from thing! After that the rest of the weekdays vanish along with the dates. The same concept goes for holidays.  I recently missed St. Paddys day. I didn’t even celebrate Valentines day. Christmas we moved to a different day to better fit our schedules. Then we prepared for Easter.

Months ago I had researched when the girls went on Spring Break. A week of fishing, camping, hiking and teaching the girls how to live off the land was in the works!  This trip was to begin their education on edible vs.poisonous plants that can be found in this region. I quickly marked down on my homemade office calendar gifted to me by one of the twins at Christmas that the 27th kicked off our adventure week! After circling this day without hesitation I created a spot for Easter on that Sunday! Two dates I won’t be forgetting about!

The girls also anticipated the arrival of Easter! They knew that Easter commenced the events of our Spring Break! Everyday they would come home, look at the calendar hanging on the fridge and X out the day that passed. We would even play little games for pre-Easter treats to keep the excitement going while working on our math skills.

“You girls must be excited that Easter is right around the corner! How about the first one to tell me how many days are left can get some jelly beans”!


“I know that there are 31 days in March and it is day 17 so who can tell me how many more days are left”?


“HEY! EASTEEEEEEEEER”, while I vigorously pointed at the 29th!

On Friday I learned from a friend that Sunday isn’t Easter but the following Sunday is. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Why were we going on Spring Break so early then? Why didn’t anyone make a bigger announcement on what day it was? Why didn’t the teacher include holidays on these kid made calendars? Wait. Does my husband know what day Easter is on? No. The fool took my word for it. I decided that my misguidance is due to a Mother who is happily active with her children and stressfully juggling their day to day activities.

The bunny seems to disprove my forgetfulness!

The angered bunny!

I stuck with the Easter I had originally planned. The kids will not notice that we celebrated on the wrong weekend. We do not attend church on Sundays and we have no family close by to invite over for the holiday.  Instead of stressing about when the holiday actually was we celebrated it the 29th.  Life is complicated enough without tormenting yourself over a mistaken weekend.  By the way, we had a lot of fun and next year maybe someone can buy us a real calendar!


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