Crossing the Border

I’m away on spring break but I set up some posts to keep you entertained! Enjoy!

I have an inner nature to be apprehensive towards any situation involving my children. Living in this area intensified that behavior with the actions of man that have directly affected us. We had our cars broken into leading to the theft of equipment, guns and other materials totalling around 5k. A few weeks following that incident we noticed an unfamiliar white 4-door pick up parked across from the street from our house. As we examined closer we detected a man at the end of our driveway pacing with a gun in hand.  Unaware of his attentions a bright beam of light  directly in his face encouraged him to quickly hop into the passenger side of the truck. They drove off. These are obvious reasons to increase suspicions and lunacy, however, another situation raised my defenses more.

One of our neighbors took in his dying mother three houses down at the end of the cul de sac from us.  He hired his RN sister from California to move to New Mexico as one of the nurses in their mother’s around the clock care. The RN has a son the same age as my older girls, fathered by a man illegal to this country. In this area one school houses all of grade K.  It doesn’t matter what side of town you live on, what elementary school you will be attending next year, or any of the other zoning criteria that most towns have in place you all matriculate at the same Kindergarten.  Out of 629 kids her son, Iggy, ended up in my daughters class . Iggy is frequently in the neighborhood while his mother works using every opportunity to knock on my door to seek some adventure.  We welcome him here with open arms because no kid should have to grow up quickly.

Last friday something happened to Iggy. I blame the school mostly for its overly friendly environment towards any adult within its barriers. Between 7:30 and the first bell ringing at 7:45 any adult may enter the school without checking in at the main office. One adult who entered walked in and walked out with Iggy during this small window. No one was aware that he was missing.  The school does not contact parents when kids are absent for the day.  They firmly believe that a parent should call the school to report an absence.  Don’t worry the school received a huge, loud, nasty complaint from me about the safety protocols in place.

Bus Stop

Bus Stop

When the RN went to pick up her son at the bus stop she had no idea that he would not be running happily towards her. Distress over came the RN as she called the bus company, the school and all the family members who have been granted permission to check Iggy out from school. The bus said he never loaded. The school said he never showed up for class, despite the fact that she dropped him off herself in the carpool lane. No family member removed him. He was missing 8 hours before anyone noticed. It only takes 2 hours to cross the border and be lost in deep cartel territory. The police located him later that night with the help of the school’s surveillance cameras.  He was at a neighbors house, unharmed.

I fear that the story lacks key details in helping me understand what happened.  A week later she asked if the girls could come over and spend Saturday with Iggy at her house. I was reluctant, not feeling comfortable with the why and what exactly happened that I aquired.  Red flags raised higher when she shrugged her shoulders in response to the name and location of her apartment complex. Instead she offered a fast food parking lot we could meet up at. I positivity was not allowing my kids go over to a place that could not be located if needed, I smiled and told her I would call her in the morning to confirm a time to meet up. When I called I lied. I told her that one of the twins was not feeling well. Situation averted for now.

Perhaps I am being paranoid and a little nutty, but I think that being a parent automatically places you one step closer to the looney bin. My fingers stay permanently crossed waiting to hear the phone ring with an offer to live in a safer area.  Please ring. We are waiting.  We are ready. We are tired of trying to find the bright side of this town!


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