Leathered Hands

I am in awe how digital has taken over the world.  How it has captured our memories and information on small bits of machinery instead of hand written journals, scrapbooks and photo books. I have decided to flip through one of these digital photobooks reliving some great memories.  I had a 15 year relationship with one Nick Stokes and the gang.  Yes, I am talking about CSI and celebrating the seasons from the beginning on Hulu. This relationship with CSI is one of the longest ones I have had in my life.  I know it seems unusual, however, like many girls from my generation this show sparked curiosity into a career around crime.  Fifteen seasons equals fifteen years of tears, laughter, intrigue, anger, confusion and education.  We have had several ups and downs, but not unlike my vows I stuck by their side for better or worse. Besides, how many of my generation entered the criminal justice field because of this show?  I know I did.

I majored in criminal justice with a minor in chemistry.  The plan was to receive a doctorate in forensic pathology.  That’s right I wanted to cut open dead people and examine the body.  I was set on this path until one unexpected thing occurred – love.  This love washed away being a member with Nick and the gang, setting in motion a new desire for my life. My life has drastically changed since veering off this original path.  I learned the love for art by pursuing photography.  I learned the love for design by creating stories in fashion.  I learned new skills working with leather that make me feel that the world is not moving too quickly.  Occasionally I have an affair with crime, but I am in a moment where I am fulfilled by the life I have now.

This new skill, leatherworking, is what I am currently occupied with.  I take the side of a cow crafting goods made from my imagination and hands.  I feel like I have jumped into the tardis and entered the world of warcraft as a bloodelf creating armor and sheaths for my fellow guild members.  I work on small projects mostly.  I am training myself how to manipulate, mold and utilize the leather to its fullest potential.  It seems odd working with skin from a dead animal especially when the world is filling synthetically along with digitally, but it is magical to connect with the universe in the same way we did hundreds of years ago.

I have many flaws in my work.  These flaws to me represent the beauty that comes with working with ones hands, learning, dreaming, creating from ones soul verse learning from a blueprint found online. My intention is to create a website to sell my work online to others who seek custom made and loved products.  What I have neglected to tell you is that I did not find this new path on my own, but through my husbands discovery of knife making.  The whole project has brought an activity that we can do together. It utilizes the things we individually have a passion for combining them together to create a complete product.  It’s important to find ways to stay connected to your spouse as you grow and move forward in life.  It is also important to remember your past. As I am creating my next project Nick and the gang narrate in the background allowing me to happily reminisce while I bring the past to the future with my leather designs.


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