Human Resources

The new job has been great. The people are wonderful and the environment is comfortable. I have been hindered a few times, though, not by the job or the difficulties that it entails, but by Human Resources.

HR has set out to try and make my new hire status as difficult as possible. They are inventing a new Hybrid-Hiring-Methdology and I have been the fortunate soul to break it in. As a result I have had to deal with a lot of back and forth. I have failed several security checks as a result of my personal information being input incorrectly through their new Smart Assess system. Don’t worry, it’s your tax dollars at work.

My official training doesn’t even begin for another month which means that over two months of my job, a  job that does derive it’s salaries from tax dollars, is of me mostly bumbling around doing nothing. I can’t complain, it’s almost free money.


The latest hiccup at work, one of the many, is that they put my pay scale into the computer incorrectly. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s just big enough to cause problems. After my first paycheck I spent a couple hours going through all of my Divorce Debt and my various finances and I set up a new plan of how to conquer the deficit and to break free into the future as a debt free man.

It turns out they accidentally added me to a pay scale that is one ladder rung higher than where I am now. I didn’t even notice. It turns out the government really rips into you with their taxes and such so when I saw my salary I looked over my previous numbers and thought, “That looks about right.”

Apparently my real paycheck, after all the same deductions, will be so small that I don’t even know if I will be turning a profit every month yet. I’ll find out at the end of next week when I sit down and do all of my finances again. What’s best is that HR called me and told me that they don’t know how they are going to remedy the situation yet, but that I should leave a buffer in my account because they are going to shorten a paycheck or ask me to write them a check to make up for this overpayment.

Game on, HR.    


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