“That Uncle”

Everyone claims to have “that uncle” as a part of their family tree. You know the guy I am talking about.  In fact I bet you are picturing him now and are either laughing hysterically at the last thing he did or shaking your head in embarrassment to know such a man. He is the one who drinks too much at the family barbeque, or christening, or back yard party making him more social and more likely to reveal some awkward family secret. Admit it – he is half the reason you attend those family events in the first place.  You help encourage the host to provide alcohol just so that you can ensure your entertainment for the evening.  Now we all gain a little fun from having the stumbling, wayward, slurring uncle creating family disasters, but what you don’t realize is that you are probably that person too just in a different setting.

Just like there is one at every family gathering, there is one in every family.  Now I am not saying someone in your family is an alcoholic, I am saying one of your immediate family members might enjoy it a bit more than the others. In my family I would say that I am that person.  My husband and I both use to drink a lot.  We were in college together and he was a frat boy so large consumptions of alcohol were expected but as we got older the drinking lessened.  Drinking now only occurs together on an occasional night or when we have company over and decide to have a few rounds or Carcassonne, Munchkin, Nuclear War or some other extremely awesome board game.  At least it does for for my husband.


I would like to tell you that I am that typical stay at home mom who busts her butt making sure the house looks as if no one lives in it .  I will later cringe as I watch it all get destroyed within hours of the kids getting home from school. It drives me a little (a lot) crazy, but I know tomorrow there will be school and I can create a clean, clutterless, kid free fantasy again. I live for that moment.  I wake up, take the kids to school, usually run errands right after picking up supplies for dinner and whatever else we may be running short on, and then I come home and clean for a minimum of an hour. I sit and marvel at the cleanliness of my house and begin working with my leather while doing laundry in the background.

Sounds perfect right? Well the countdown has begun.  Eight days until the little mess makers are running around full time creating aftermaths of art projects, lego towers, my little pony pathways, and every other toy that was interesting for ten minutes but not interesting enough to put away before grabbing something else.  I walk with my head down staring at my feet.  It works but instead of crunching things under my feet I am walking into walls. By the time it is dinner time and I realize that it will take longer for them to clean up the disaster than it would for me to do so I find an alcoholic beverage.  It relieves my OCD tendencies and helps me remain sitting in the corner of the room while enforcing the idea that you clean up your own messes.

So Cheers! The summer is coming and my mint is growing! Bring on the Mojitos! Bring on the wine! Bring on a nice summer lager with an orange wedge!



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