Screaming Potlucks & Knockout Decisions

School’s out for summer! Everytime I hear this phrase I automatically burst into song and think of the 1996 horror cult classic Scream. I am not sure why this is my go to movie when so many others, arguably better movies, also feature this song. Either way the fact remains the same – School is out for summer!

Let me recap a little on my extremely time consumed week. The official last day of school was Thursday. It was an easy week full of field days, water park fun, games, parties and graduation ceremonies for the kids but for the parents it was work.  Being on the PTA these last events of the year are only as awesome as the left over budget allows them to be. So thanks to my other PTA mom’s suggestions most of the activities were now highly dependable on the sacrifices of the parents. Who could provide this? Who can provide that? Volunteering to bring in paper plates and forks is a great cost when you are talking about supplying for over 600 kids and teachers.  I went with sacrificing my time. I signed myself up for every event being thrown at the times my girl’s class would be participating!  This let me be a part of the fun with my twins and save face in from of the other PTA snobs. All events went off without a hitch outside of my sunshine girl’s black eye received in the bouncing castle and their teacher’s awkward musical performance she did during the class party. She was no Beyoncé.

Round and Round we go!

Round and Round we go!

Outside of activity commitment you still ended up dumping your wallet upside down scrounging for dollars.  Teacher gifts, teacher assistant gifts, the woman who does the library, the woman who teaches ole, and dont forget every kid in the classroom needing a parting gift.  I had one particular mom who spent over 300 dollars on just the teacher and assistant gifts.  I am not sure what  she sent home with the kids because we were flooded with dollar store crap that eventually made its way to the trash can along with all the other junk unloaded to the kids with end of year cleaning.  I spent $40 dollars splitting it between the teacher and assistant.  We went simple and grabbed a summer themed idea off the web.  Thank you Pinterest.

With the school year ending all the outside of school groups are hosting their end of season events before the parents drag their kids on family vacations.  This was true for my Girl Scouts. Two times a year we have a Court of Awards ceremony that celebrates the accomplishments of the girls and gives them the badges/patches that they have earned over the last six months.  This was going to be a potluck for over 60 attendees on a Tuesday night. I brought my famous hash brown casserole receiving many compliments on how delicious and kid friendly it was.   It was a fun night and to give you an idea of how active my kids are we earned 16 patches, 4 badges, 6 character petals and the golden star for completing a year as a daisy.  We are no slouches in completing requirements!

On a family note we were juggling applications to new bases this week.  We learned that our choice base is one that rarely opens up due to its desirability and since transfers are based on seniority within the company it can extend the length to get into it drastically.  We are now looking for a “lying in wait” base until ours open. With this search comes pressure of where to hang our hat for 3-5 years or more. The pressure comes with the openings only being listed for a short period of time forcing you to decide within 48 hours if you could see yourself living there. We did apply for a base in NC which would have been awesome but a more senior pilot received the offer. Now we have applications out in PA.  The only real benefit I see with this is philly cheese steaks, bagels and fall. I am not a huge fan of the North East, living in several of its states, but if I were going to pick one it would be in the country of PA.  I’m positive anything is better than this desert wasteland though.

Happy Sunday!


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