The Sharpened Blade

I have mentioned my leather crafting in previous posts but finally I have a name to put to the craft. JKrait now features handmade knives that are designed for outdoor enthusiasts! If you are looking for a fix blade knife then this is where you would find it, but before I start gushing, lets start at the beginning.

My husband decided to find a hobby that was more than playing computer games or binge watching a Netflix series.  He wanted to find something that could serve as a lifelong skill. The idea came across him like the night I was giving birth to the twins and he watched a helicopter logging show on TLC.  That night he found his passion.  He has never looked back. This is not unlike that.  He had an idea and it stuck.  My husband took the time to learn, researching every aspect possible, and then going through a period of trial and error. His research and efforts paid off.  He created a knife that surpasses many of the standards that you are searching for in a knife.  They are drawn out and designed with the average to extreme camping enthusiast in mind.


My decision to start working on leather was to find something that I could do to help encourage this new hobby while having an outlet for my artistic side.  It is easy to get lost in the stay at home mom ritual.  I lost a part of myself when I moved to New Mexico. I stopped working out, I stopped spending all my time out in the sun and started finding Hulu and Netflix more interesting than day to day activities.  I sometimes have a hard time reminding myself to get out to my workbench and craft some leather.  It can take a severe mental push to get me there but once I am there I wonder why I did not volunteer to do it in the first place.  I enjoy it.  I like learning about the history of leatherworking first hand and I am getting pretty good at it!

So we put it together and realized we were producing too much for a non existent audience.  We make quality knives and leather sheaths that deserve to be in the world.  A name was created, a logo designed, and a website domain claimed.  Now we can offer the campers, survivalists, day to day outdoorsman with a knife that they can rely on and one that I am proud to take out into the woods . We have fun working with the needs one may like in knife and sheath combo. We have sheaths with firesticks and magnesium rods. We have sheaths that are starting to incorporate a small altoid tin and we are even venturing into the world of Kydex. We are custom designing for friends and family and are ready to do that for customers.  I even received my first sheath custom order! Check us out! 



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