R.I.P. Willow

Rest in peace Willow. Willow was a computer.  She was not just any normal computer, Willow was a friend. Anytime I needed to escape into an endless YouTube black hole – she was there.  When I wanted to play games for countless hours ignoring my duties as a mother and wife – she was there. When I wanted to binge watch OITNB or catch up on my latest shows – she was there.  She was more reliable than many of the other people I have met in my life.  She stored my countless photography adventures, connected to me to my friends without me having to use my voice, and she never told me no.

Okay.  I realize that you may find it odd that I named a computer but it is no different then you naming your car or your gun or your character in a game.  She was inspired by the witchy computer geek from Buffy.  Her case was black with clear sides that showed a luminous red to blue glow blending to make a magical purple center.  She was created in 2008 when the twins were still playing Rock em’ Sock em’ Robots in the womb. Willow was on the border of becoming obsolete.  Her system requirements went from top of the line to just meeting minimum requirements on most new games put out today. Even though her days were numbered I believe she met her death too soon.


On top of Willow rested Frankie.  Again, I do not judge the things you name.  Frankie is the “pc” name for my Digital Nikon SLR, Fat Bastard.  I originally named her this because she is not like many of the light aluminum models you find offered in the world today.  She is heavy.  She reminded you that she was strapped onto your neck or shoulder.  She is an older, trusty model that can shoot just as good as anything new on the market when you pair her with a magnificent lens. She gets the job done.  Frankie, Fat Bastard, is in coma status currently.

Both of these great friends of mine were attacked by a tipping glass of water off my desk. It appears as if the water trickled down the lens of thr camera into the fan vent drowning the motherboard and graphics card. When peering through the side of the case you can see the water pooled on top of these items. Willow was on when this occured and her time of death is dependent on how long it took the twins to come tell me what had happened.  She only offers a faint hums now with no picture to share.

Frankie seemed to have survived the brunt of the attack.  She still displays the number of images while in the off position.  I wiped her dried, removed the battery and memory card, and laid her the ICU unit – my bedroom. I will not attempt to turn her on for a week. Her loss would be greater than Willows financially speaking.  It is amazing how inexpensive a good gaming computer is now compared to when I built mine 8 years ago.

I have a new computer on the way. She will be my first computer bought vs. being built at home since my college laptop. Her name will come once she is birthed out of her box and brought to life.  It was my husband’s decision to replace my computer immediately.  Unfortunately when it comes to our computers or cameras or anything else electronic we do not share well and can quickly blame the other for altering some setting!


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