I started playing a new game over the past two days.  It is set in a time where major cities, roads, and economy are non-existent or destroyed. All resources are hunted, crafted and stolen from your neighbor, if you are lucky enough to find one, and your lifeline is a single rock and torch.   I assume that it is set in a post-apocalyptic future discovering that many broken down villages are contaminated by radiation and planes drop in supplies over head like in “The Maze Runner”.

You start off naked, sparing no image from the game player, in a random location on a map.  From server to server all the maps have the same basic features to help you find your barrings. There are always snow cap mountains to represent the North, deserts for the South, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  This is how you tell direction.  You hunt for food, craft for clothing, build shelter using rocks and wood, and find a use for everything you collect.  For example, an animal kill offers more than just food.  You can use the fats to create fuel, the bones to fashion weapons, and the skins to use as clothing and bandages.  Everything is a resource.

I finally gathered enough to build a shelter and start farming for extra materials to build sleeping bags, clothing, containers and other necessary items needed for comfortable survival in the woods.  I even ran naked in the woods only with a spear in my hand after a plane parachuted a box to the ground.  I was lucky enough to be the first to reach the box taking all its contents and bringing them back to my house. I had gained a map to start marking my surroundings, a blueprint for a grenade and a lock and key to place on my door to help keep out strangers.   I decided this was the time replace the feeble sticks I called protection with strong stone cottage walls.

After hours I had finally finished the transition of my house.  I even began crafting boxes for storage, smelting ore to create metal fragments to later be turned into traps and stronger weapons, and I even had pants on!  I placed the lock on my door to go out and retrieve more items.  I started to chop a tree down when real life took hold and my children needed me to tuck them in one more time before they were willing to fall back asleep.  I came back to find my cold, naked body stripped of every possession I owned.  This included my key and map that led my murderer to all my newly crafted belongings.  At this moment I lost everything and realized that if this scenario ever happened in my lifetime I would most likely die because of my children.  Oh well.  I am not sure I am ready to play again.  It is frustrating that I have only the bones left of my house.



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