The First Move

Ukraine Series – Our relationship was a whirlwind. We had our second cup of coffee at a small brewery on the sands of the Pacific Ocean. Whales breached the water as the sun set behind the haystack rock. It was like taking a scene from a romantic novel or beautifully done movie. 
The reason it worked so well was that none of it was planned. That morning I didn’t know that I’d be standing waist deep in the frigid waters next to her while we looked up at the stars. To this day I don’t even know what compelled us to do it. We were soaked for the multi-hour drive back. 


Only a few weeks had gone by and we were living together. I’d come home on lunch breaks to spend time with her since she worked nights as a caregiver. I’d think about lunch the moment I left for work. 

After a few months we had a talk about Life and Love, and then we got married in a park at sunset while a little league team played in the distance. 

Shortly after we decided to move to the city. 


Living downtown was a real treat. We didn’t own a TV. We didn’t even own a radio. We spent our days walking the streets, drinking coffee, and finding out all the new little things we could about each other. It was a quiet relationship filled with so much. 

On the weekends we would disappear back to that previous beach spot. It’s always cold at the beach in Oregon but, much like the indigenous animals of the area, we developed thick skin that paid the chill no mind. 


It’s been some time since our first date, a little over a year. How do you feel about the Peace Corps?

It was the starting question that launched a crazy multi-year adventure. It propped us up, brought us closer together, and broke something inside her that led to our eventual decline. 


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