Caffeine Haze

Today is day 6 of the hunger.  I will say that I have become comfortable being a little hungry all day long, but when the night hits I lay wide awake starring at the ceiling hopping the growls will lull me to sleep.  Yes, this post is about food, dieting, fitness, but mostly food.  It is all I can think about.  It is so yummy.  I know that after I get passed this hump my body will adjust to the lesser food/calorie intake and it will once again feel normal.  I also know that my cravings for deliciously fatty extremely bad foods will abandon my stomach.  I long for when eating healthy again is the norm and the idea of fast food and high fat snacks sound unappetizing.

With this new healthy regimen I have given up my true vice – soda.  I love soda not only for the caffeine boost it offers but for the texture.  Let me explain since so many, including my own husband, do not understand what I mean.  I love the way it tingles on your lips when it first touches them.  I love how you can feel each little bubble pop, bursting vigorously as it floods over your tongue touching your cheeks.  I love tracking the sweet carbonated beverage while it cools the inside of your throat streaming down. Right down to the refreshing “ahhh” I love it!  I hate when it is flat. I hate when the soda machines are uneven in there club soda and syrup ratios displeasing your taste buds.  I dislike Root Beer but most of all I hate the caffeine headache I have now that it is gone.


My caffeine intake has always varied from month to month.  Trying to limit myself to one 8oz. glass a day quickly turns into drinking the whole 2 liter bottle in a day.  I am an addict.  I can not stop myself as long as it is easily accessible.  Keeping it out of the house is the only way to keep me from enjoying it’s tempting liquid.  If you do the math cutting out a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper a day will decrease my calorie intake by almost 2k.  That is huge and probably enough to make a huge adjustment in my daily caloric intake for weight loss results.  It also explains why I am having strong withdrawal symptoms.

Mind over matter. I can do this. Two pounds down this week. I have increased my work outs by including strength building exercises.  I am primarily focusing on mid to upper body since a simple set of jumping jacks leaves my knee feeling weak.  Hopefully these knee stretches, leg lengthening and small activities recommended by the doctor will help stabilize it enough to add in a more aggressive lower body work out. Although, I have realized that strength building exercises do not register as calorie busting for MyFitnessPal.  I feel the sweat dripping into my eyes, my heart begging for escape from it’s cage, plus the shakes in my arm after lifting.    C’mon MyFitnessPal throw me a bone or five calories off please!


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