It’s a Celebration!

As I sip my morning homemade iced latte I thought I would talk to you!  Good morning!  Some of you have already started your day, some well into it, and others still chasing ferrets in their dreams.  This morning I was woken a bit earlier than usual due to active ferrets who desired freedom and playtime.  I rolled out of bed, mumbling about the time, but what is the point of having pets if you are not willing to sacrifice a little?  I got some rare one on one time with them as the girls continued to slumber.  Also, I manage to clean out their three story Cadillac of a cage, vacuum their room, take out the trash for pick up today and started some laundry and dishes. So far we are having a productive morning. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum because today I have a leather order to start and a stove that would enjoy some scrubbing.

Today is day 17 of using My Fitness Pal.  I have not talked about my progress since day 6 so I thought I would let you know how that was going.  I do not dream of food anymore or imagine I smell delicious fatty fried foods in the air, but instead I am satisfied with the meals I have prepared.  My appetite has adjusted very well and small, properly proportioned meals do the trick.  I still allow myself the occasional hash brown with breakfast, a small scoop of ice cream at night, and the occasional higher fat meal. I ate pizza the other night.  Everything in moderation.  It is important to satisfy those cravings so that you do not find yourself sleep walking to the kitchen with an empty chip bag over your head.  I am down 6 pounds.

Our weekend was active even with temperatures reaching well over 100.  I live in the desert, it is expected, although I did hear gripes from friends regarding their temperatures sky rocketing over the weekend who do not typically have scorching summer days.  Heat wave all around!

On Saturday we went to the Duck Affair.  It is a festival that is duck themed from music to food to decor to activities.  The main objective of the Duck Affair is to sell rubber duckies with a ticket number on it to race down the river. They also had a raffle with goods donated by local businesses and patrons.  All the proceeds of the event and duck sales go to local children in need of clothing and school supplies.  It is for a good cause.  We purchased a duck, sadly who did not win, but it was for the kids, both those in need and mine.

Sunday we went to the local zoo.  The zoo features only locally found animals who are unable to return to the wild due to abandonment, injury or their attachment to humans.  It was a 2 mile trek through the zoo and a great way to teach the kids about animals and plant life that they see on a regular basis.  Luckily the bears and coyotes are not seen regularly!  By the end of the animal journey we were blushed with new pink tint on our check bones despite the sunscreen.  Sadly, my flip flop tan line remains prominent despite my shoe switch up effort.

I should get back to being productive today.  If I play my cards right I should have everything done by noon!  I think I will do some 4th of July research as well today.  Last year we attended a laser light show in Sedona, AZ, but were rained out before it got dark.  Happy Monday!

P.S. – Today is my wedding anniversary!

A little desert view from the zoo!

A little desert view from the zoo!


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