Hail Storms & Winds of Change

Change is in the wind. Our weather is proof of this.  We have been having a series of hail storms, heavy, twisted, tornado winds and huge temperature adjustments.  I hear that this is only the beginning.  This occurs every summer, lasting roughly two weeks, warning the residents that hell week is coming.  Hell week is the week in the summer where the temperatures rise to a scorching 120 plus for about a week.  I am not ready.  Following that week the weather reportedly stays mild, dry and in the high 90’s.  It becomes predictable and manageable to be outside with the humidity gone.  That I am ready for!

The Storm.

The Storm.

Monday was my anniversary!  I did not get a chance to celebrate due to my car freaking out.  I would use the term break down but that is not technically what happened.  What happened was that nifty security safety system the car has came on locking my car in place with the engine still running.  My car knows something I do not and was trying to protect me from who knows what.  Perhaps my own driving? After wiggling the shifter and steering wheel a little it released only to lock up 10 feet later.  I sent the kids into the house to escape the 104 degree weather.  Luckily I did not make it far, only reaching my neighbors house. I called AAA and had it towed to the nearest dealership – 1.5 hours away.  I have yet to hear what happened but hope that the issue falls under the warranty.  The car is new and I am a good driver despite the woman stereotype and my husbands interpretation!

I have discovered that my ferrets Lewis and Clark are females.  Now that is quite a change!  We decided that we are going to leave their names alone because my husband liked the idea of having another male in the family and it was hard enough for us to agree on a set of names the first time around.  Poor guy is outnumbered 5 to 1 and it is not as if they have a concept of gender. Lewis and Clark have adjusted well to their new home. They are pups with normal behaviors that need correcting.  We are still working on potty training but  we have a new issue – digging.  They have tried to burrow under the door to escape their room.  I have found some great solutions to release their digging urge that I hope to put into place once I know more about our situation here.

Spoilers! Something big might finally be happening, but nothing is official yet.  This would be the biggest change happening around here.  I hope to have more information soon,  Until then I will walk within the walls of my house, feeling as trapped as the ferrets, peeking through the windows while dreaming of gas pedals and steering.   I am slightly saddened that some of the day activities we had planned are  not going to happen and that our 4th of July celebration will be me and the girls in the driveway with sparklers. Truth be told with these daily hail storms we were most likely going to be stuck indoors anyway!



The end of the storm with the hail melting as fast as it hit the ground.


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