Future Mountaineer

Good Morning!  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July and continue to have a fun holiday weekend! It is another Sunday morning.  I always cherish Sunday morning postings.  It has a sense of ritual and relaxation.  I am not really sure why, assuming it is all mental, because Sunday acts no differently than any other day of the week for me, but this Sunday will not disappoint! I have news!

Mason Sparkler

The stars aligned at a semi convenient time.  A move is coming. Roughly two weeks ago we put in for a position in a darling, quaint little community in West Virginia.  I do not know much about West Virginia, just that the area we have chosen to check out ranked on the top 10 list for safest and most desirable locations to raise a family in that part of the country.  With some additional research we learned cost of living is much less than here, schools are ranked highly and you have easy access to lakes, rolling hills, hiking, and camping with a short, convenient drive to the mountains.  It has everything you would look for in a community for a long term to permanent living arrangement.  It definitely combines the heart of the adventurer with the demands of a mother.  The only down side to some is that it is not a bustling, roaring city but a small community with a  commute to major stores and shopping in the capital.  I do not see this as unfavorable.  I rather enjoy the small town life.

We received the official word on Friday after hearing whispers all week that the District Manager of that area had already settled on my husband.  Everything has been set into motion and an approximate timeline has been drawn up.  We will be released from our current location in 90 days from the signing of the paperwork.  That gives me 90 days of slow packing, preparation, online house hunting and community investigation from the ease of my computer!  We hope to narrow down a list of houses to look into by using virtual tours and pictures online to wean down our options for when we visit the area in the next couple weeks. It also falls in line perfectly with the lease of our rent.  It seems that this move was meant to be already!

The girls are excited for the move.  We have always remained honest with them.  We have never led them to believe that this New Mexico house was forever and they understand, as much as they can comprehend at their young age, that moving is a part of our life right now. They have grown accustomed to moving counting down the days till the next move.  They know that this next move will bring them a nicer home, their own room away from Thing, a yard with grass instead of desert and a closer proximity to grandparents. The biggest down side is that once again their school year will be disrupted.  I am not too worried about this.  We have already elected to repeat Kindergarten and after this upcoming move we plan on staying a while. It is funny to think that when I was their age I too had already lived in numerous states, 3 to be exact.

We are soon to be Mountaineers eating all the Pepperoni Rolls!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  A game of ferret and kid hide and seek is afoot!

West VA


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