Tomato, Tomahto

I have been on a Skype call 15 minutes shy of 24 hours.  In fact it is still on as I type away. It is pretty common for me and my husband to leave our Skype on with each other and walk away without turning it off.  Our computers are in different areas of the house and while we play games, surf the internet or blog we chat.  It does not always revolve around the activity we are doing on our computers, but often we find ourselves talking about random plans for the week or think things out loud to one another. Today we have decided that we would like to go camping this week. Since the weather is all over the place we agreed to go on a moments notice as soon as the weather clears up from heavy rains and hail storms. As for today, we have no real plans.

I have folded some laundry, started some new laundry, swept and mopped the floors, did the dishes, cleaned the ferrets cage and exercised them.  I took a shower, made breakfast for the girls, put the trash on the curb and a couple other little things all before noon.  Now I am eating a delicious turkey and cheese on wheat while sipping some homemade watermelon, lime and mint infused water. It kind of tastes like a flat watermelon mojito without the fun of rum and sugar. Drink to your health they say! At least I think they do? Again, I believe that usually involves real alcohol.

As far as the rest of the day goes things are in the air.  I will probably read, make a journey to the post office and take a bike ride with the family around the neighborhood.  Hopefully the weather will hold out a little longer before releasing the anger from the skies.  The hail has been damaging my tomato plants.  In fact one may not survive much longer.  It has turned yellow and limp as branches split due to heavy ice impact.  It was always the weaker one of my plants, but now it has just given up.  Who can blame it?  I would give up to my torturer after a week of pelting too.

I have an abundance of tomatoes.  I was originally planning on freezing some into homemade tomato sauces but with the impending move it seems like a waste of time.   I am not a huge fan of red tomato based sauces to eat it all up before leaving. I believe this is because as a kid tomato sauce used to make me break out into a rash.  Even though I am almost positive I have outgrown this minor allergy, I still snub my nose to things with red sauce. I do make a killer tomato soup though! Perhaps I will jar some and deliver it to the neighbors?

Cheers – 2 minutes passed 24 hours!

Bucket of Tomatoes


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