Milk Moustache

Today I was standing in line behind an obese woman who looked as if she was too busy to care for herself.  I will accept the too busy to care for yourself part. I have had days where I am overly distracted by my kids that I forget that I need attention too.  My issue is not completely with her weight, even though sadly I can be a bit body shaming once you reach a certain level of obesity, but with the excuses that come with it.  “I have a medical condition,” echoed through the store to make her weight seem unavoidable and acceptable to the thin, barbie like cashier.  I hate this excuse. I know that some medical conditions cause weight gain, some more than others, but weight gain and giving into the consequences of a medical condition are two different things (immobilizing accidents excluded). I am not speaking as someone who would not understand, but rather as someone who actually suffers from a medical condition that is commonly heard as an excuse for weight gain.  This is probably what fuels my aggravation because I use an adjusted diet with exercise to remain pre-baby making, twin making weight. If that wasn’t enough to fuel my anger the choker of hickeys were.  Gross.

Weight is an issue in our society.  Kids are getting fatter.  Every time I walk into the pediatricians office the question of what my children consume comes up.  In fact, many pediatricians do not recognize this, but Michele Obama created a healthy eating plan for adolescents.  It starts with a questionnaire of your children’s eating habits and on completion  your pediatrician reviews it providing healthy eating alternatives. Awesome, but parents do not seem to care. My pediatrician’s recommendation is that my kids continue to drink whole milk.  It is not recommended for 95% of children over 2, but my kids need the calories and fat from milk because they are thin and active with well established healthy eating habits at appropriate portion sizes. My doctors love my methods and because of them when the option is available my girls choose apples over candy bars,

In this house activity is not an option. We camp, hike, fish, bike and play on the playground.  We strongly encourage outdoor activity because these lessons and patterns stick with you forever. My kids are still young, but old enough to start exploring different sports until they find one they like.  Our main goal is that by middle school they have found an activity to stick with.  I enjoy watching them discover their interests through sports and try to hold back my love for certain sports so they can find their own passion. Until they discover their path we continue to camp.  All the girls love to hike into a camp site and spend the day with poles in the water.  I hope this is something we do forever, even when they marry and have kids on their own.  The more the merrier!



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