Bats in the Attic

House hunting has caused us to run into more dead ends than options.  We knew the area had a few issues, like wet basements, so finding out that some of the houses on our list had flooding issues quickly removed them.  A few other houses that were in our ideal price range had received offers from other eager home buyers before we even had a chance to step foot into the house. Some houses are located in an area that comes with a commute that may be increased drastically come winter snow falls, especially in smaller less populated towns without snow removal resources on hand.  All these little nuances have left us stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Do we increase our budget to widen our housing choices and live on a tighter budget than we desire or do we decrease it along with housing qualities and save, save, save?

The decision to buy over renting was to be able to finally put down some routes as a family.  We have spent years moving from place to place and it is nice to dream about kicking my feet up for a while.  I want to have friends and become engulfed by the community.  I want to be proud of the home I own and not embarrassed to show people where I live. I have lived in some undesirable houses, or houses that have fallen on hard times, but never truly cared because they were not mine.  This new adventure brings me something that will be mine.  I find myself being a little pickier, maybe a bit snobby and definitely a touch specific on features I find important.  I have never done this before!  Maybe I am doing it all wrong, but I do know that I want to be able to add my own flare to whatever house we end up in.

Buying is about saving money with a mortgage payment instead of rent.  I pay almost double what most of my home owner friends do monthly and that is not even including utilities.  The problem is with increasing the house budget that difference between renting and a mortgage payment is narrowing quickly. It would not be as big of an issue if I was working.  Soon.  I just want to wait till my last little one starts school and I find some passion in a career.  I think I am just going to spin a wheel and go for something, but that is the least of my issues today.  At least I left house hunting in good hands.  I get to hear the highlights and dislikes.  I get the spoilers without having to watch the movie that ended horribly.  I can’t wait for this to be done and over with! Sigh…

Money Jar


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