Wrench in the Sand


I’m currently sitting in a booth at the Golden Corral forcing my kids to take bites of their dinner.  We came here after a long day at the lake was interrupted by an incoming storm
  Perhaps that was our stomachs growing instead of the clouds preparing to release its wet rage on us? It is hard to know for sure. We stopped at the first place we could all agree on that was not fast food.  We have time to kill,  5 hours to be exact, and I hope to spend an hour here. 


The weather channel mislead us. The storms arrived 4 hours earlier than estimated.  This has put a wrench in our plans.  We never got to the massive sand castle competition we had planned! I guess its good that we did the swimming first because I’m sure if we kept digging in the sand we would have come across a body.  Here’s my proof…

imageWe are roughly 1.5 hours from home. My husband arrives home today after spending a week house hunting. By the way a house was found, offer made and accepted!  His flight does not land until around 10 pm.  I had hoped to stay at the lake till 6 or 7, spend an hour eating dinner and then shopping at the stores I do not have access to in my small town.  We are still going to do all these things, but unlike most girls I do not do the browse shopping very well.  I am usually in and out with little to no extra splurge purchases.

We will drag out shopping and add a trip to the pet store! Maybe buy some cards and have some mini poker tournaments in the car!


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