Falling Shingles

Things are spiraling a bit here.  As mentioned very briefly before we have come across a hiccup in our house finalizing process.  The inspection brought forward some minor easy to repair items with a larger hard to ignore issue.   The current homeowners do not want to pay for the larger issue claiming they gave us a deal of a price when they accepted our offer and want us to eat the cost.  We are taking a few extra steps of getting contractors out to the house to estimate the level of repair hoping that once all the numbers are achieved the homeowners will step up.  Regardless if they want to spend the extra money on this is not an option since it will be an issue for any other potential buyer looking to finance but not wanting to fix the issue now can open a window for anyone to walk away.  Maybe they were unaware of the issue beforehand, which I find highly doubtful, and hope that we either fix it ourselves out of desperation for the house or walk away so that they can raise the asking price to cover the cost of the repair. Either way we are not that willing to drop a significant dollar outside our budget and have started looking into our alternate house.  It is all very frustrating and a bit disheartening since we have already started imagining ourselves living there, but a house is just sticks and a home is where our family lives together.

Since we are already riding the train of misfortune let’s talk about my furry friends.  Everyone in the house loves the newer additions to our house, but unfortunately a problem has arisen with the ferrets as well.  It seems that my husband is allergic to them.  We have tried several different ways to lessen his reaction to them by relocating them in the house, limiting when they roam free to play to when he as work so that the area can be cleaned and made essentially ferret free, but within an hour of being home he is congested, sniffling, sneezing while wiping away running water from his puffy eyes.  We decided that it is not fair to anyone to have to keep them when we can’t play with them they way they should be played with and when my husband can’t breath once home.   I am heartbroken by this, but I understand, and am currently preparing ads and such to find a warm, loving family for our two ferret friends who quickly became a part of our family.

On the bright side I have a coupon for free gallon of milk, box of cereal and 20 ct pack of chips.  I always can use milk and cereal!  The chips are not something I ever buy, but with school starting in a few days it may be fun to have them as part of lunches the first week!

Milk & Cereal


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