Web Invasion

Let us hit on paranoia.  You ever feel like the ads you see on TV, the random calls your receive on your phone from an unknown number, or the junk mail you pull out of your mailbox are incidental?  I usually would never bat an eye at little things like this, but everything lately can  be related to something else.  For instance, on Hulu I have been forced to watch commercials about deciding to buy a new home via Zillow. I am doing that! That is my number one source to see what the inside of a house looks like since I cannot step a foot into it!  Was this planned?  Is google mapping and generating interest based on my typed searches?  I want to believe that the eye over the internet is limited in the details it can see but it isn’t.  Ok… I will be honest I already know this.

For years, “hacker” was a positive term that described computer enthusiasts who had a zeal for computer programming, but now it is a means invasion of privacy, stalking, and other darker, unbelievable things.  Now hacking involves being able to access things, an area of darkness that a normal browser or person could not find.  You could sell drugs, search for crazy conspiracies, or even sell humans, organs, and children.  It is a darker place than people want to acknowledge.  So believing that google watches your searches is not unrealistic.  For instance, type a word, any word – lets type socialist.  Guess what? You just became on a watch list for people who may over throw democracy.  Type pipe bombs, because your curiosity on how easy it is to learn on the web is overwhelming, now you are a future suspect for a bombing in your state.  Your innocent curiosity has become a villainous confession. The only true blessing from diving deeper into unknown, unreachable territories is just that, they can’t follow you.

Lately I have been receiving text messages and voicemail’s that relate to all of my interests and searches done on the surface of the internet but addressed as another name.  Call me Janae, because currently the vast majority of my text messages are for her and are ways to help improve my house hunting, purchasing, updating interests. I am no fool.  I know what is happening, but at least pick a name that may be closer to mine.  Do you really believe that major corporations do not have deep hackers who look into your interests?  If you do then you are naive.  I can tell you with this current blog I have flagged numerous interested parties with some of the verbiage I have selected. Ooops.  Oh well, guess you can come find me down under, if you can…

Password FYI

Password FYI


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