Sweat, Fall, Bullets

I am currently panting with drops of sweat running from my forehead onto my shoulders.  I tried to cool down with a walk after my intense 20 minute cardio/strength work out, but have yet to lower my heart rate or fountainesque qualities of my head. The back of my throat is reaching an uncomfortable dryness with each breathe drawn in and out.  My lungs slightly burn while my tongue tastes salty drops off my lips.  I have exercise induced asthma and some days the desert heat hits me harder than others, but the slight tremble and pain in my body all over makes it worth it.

I don’t sweat! I leak awesome!

I been in a small rut the passed week.  I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of activity and anticipation of waiting for my new life to begin.  I enjoyed my outdoor adventure with my family so much so that I am craving for more.  I cannot wait to live in a location again where every week we are off trekking in the mountains, throwing a pole in the water or roasting marshmallows over a fire.  I long for the cool air to hit my face, the leaves to change colors and swirl magically to the ground preparing for winter. I cannot wait for the chill, the snow, the cursing over the cold and the beauty that comes with four seasons.  I love the fall.  I love the winter. I love the spring and summer.  I love the seasons in that order.  I will have them all again.

Fall Leaves

Let me toss some quick updates at you.  I do not feel the desire to go into depth on these yet, so bullet points shall do.

  • We have found a solution to the inspection dilemma raised and this has allowed us to push forward with the house.  Let us keep our fingers crossed for smooth sailing here on out.
  • The girls go back to school Monday – tomorrow!  I am ready, but not.  I sort of skimped out on a lot of the school supplies to save money and the redundancy of buying everything again once we move.  They are only in school here for 5 weeks and it seemed ridiculous to splurge on a items that they won’t even get a chance to use before we move and won’t be returned back to us when we leave.
  • We have decided to celebrate thing’s 4th birthday 2 weeks early.  Her actually birthday is 7 days before the movers arrive, emptying our house of all our processions and driving them cross country, so it seemed unfair and poor timing to celebrate her birthday with the chaos and stress around.
  • I bought myself a really cool Batman coffee travel mug.
  • I have completed 4 sheaths with 3 at different stages in the processes and I am making leather bracelets for a birthday gift..
  • I am no longer sweating and must feed the girls before they eat each other or the ferrets!

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