Color Fever

I am a sucker for all these items left over from the initial back to school rush!  It brings forth items that you might have missed your first, second or fifth time through.  It also allows the things that might not have been so awesome before have it’s day in the sun with it’s superior rival gone!  I have more stuff than I know what to do with currently, but am so excited for my future office space in the new house be fully stocked with pack of crayons, markers, pencils, notebooks and pencil cases without breaking the bank!  How can anyone pass up 50 cent 24 Crayola Crayons or 95 cent Crayola Classic 10 Makers? I even found awesome tins holding 10 watercolors for a dollar each! I love back to school time for this purpose alone!


This was our first week back at school and it was chaos!  The school is already over populated, having to remove the music and art room to make room for more classrooms. Disgusting. Arts are key.  Also the school district has increased the class size from an average of 12-15 to 25 in the past 5 years.  It is not horrible as long as the teacher utilizes their assistants fully, but the parking situation is a mess!  The school’s main parking lot only can hold 100 parent cars at a time.  Seems big, but considering that the school is enrolled with 700 students who all start and end their day at the same time makes it rough!  I have been showing up 20 to 30 minutes earlier to get a parking spot!  The school is trying to encourage parents to drop off their kids instead of walking them into the school in the mornings to help alleviate the stress, but this school has an unique circumstance in which it only houses kindergartners.  Smaller kids, first time kids, are not always mentally prepared to enter a school on their own.  My kids could easily walk themselves into the school, but the school lacks safety protocols that I feel need to be in place.

After school I hang out in the classroom and offer any help that the teacher may need an extra hand with.   I decided that since it takes 30 to 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot that my time was better spent helping with general clean up and preparation help for the next day. It lets me be more involved with what my kids are learning and expected of them and makes a good impression on the teacher.  Too many parents expect the teacher to be the only source of education, but the truth is education started and should continue in the home.  We are their first teachers and should always remain so throughout their school years.


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