Burning Hot Buffalos

There is no better way to put this, but to sum it up plainly – I have the case of the Mondays.  Usually Monday doesn’t bother me, but I have been on summer vacation the past 3 months.  On break we did not always plan our days, we would rise when the sun called us out of bed while taking the day one hour at a time.  Three wild, growing, adventure seeking girls provided a very nice distraction from my mind, body, and soul. Now we wake with a plan and we wake early.

I am a morning person as well as a night owl.  Mid day is when I drag.  When I planned my diet to our variable, unstructured summer schedule I was clueless to the hunger it would leave me once school started back up.  I have more hours in my day along with more opportunities to work out, but lack the demanding attention of my girls to keep my mind off the hunger.  Now I count down the minutes between breakfast and lunch and again from lunch to dinner.  There is an additional one to two hours between my meals.  It is killing me.

I created a strength and cardio workout to help occupy my time between my first hurdle of time.  I get a great 45 minute intense, heavy breathing, sweating, muscle tingling work out.  It feels great. It works towards the building of lean muscles. It makes me too hot to want to snack. It occupy s my mind.  It triggers the reward synapses with the earning of a future healthy snack.  It also helps limit the amount of mid day drag I have.

The second hurdle of the day is a little harder. I have already had lunch, earlier than I should have, and it’s time to pick up the girls from school. When they first come home from school they are rabid monsters that need to be fed. I find myself having conversations with my stomach while I make them a yummy after school snack. I decide to fill in this period of time with a cup of coffee.  It benefits me in two ways – filling my stomach a bit and beating the mid day drag.  I know you are wondering why I do not break down and have a snack at this time because surely I have earned it with my workout, but I enjoy being able to have a small snack later in the evening when I am all alone, the chores for the day are done and I can actually kick up my feet up and relax for the day.

I think the real problem with this Monday is the burning hot buffalo wings I had an affair with all weekend. Oh, and the ranch that when with them.  Real ranch.  Not the fat free crap.  Plus there may or may not have been beers.  How I miss my weekend tryst!



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