Crying Skies

I am overwhelmed with sadness.  Every free moment I find my eyes wandering around the room with my ears listening for little squeaks and clanking claws. You may find it hard to believe that a house can feel so empty, sound too quiet and look less chaotic when you have three fun little girls running around, but today it is.  Yesterday we said goodbye to our ferrets.  I need to convince myself that they are in a better home, one that will offer them more than I ever could, but my heart refuses to listen.  I have a profound love for animals, attaching quickly, finding hard to let go. Accepting the idea that they are at a great new home is hard for me. I know it was the best decision.  I am not angry, only sad.  I am allowed to be sad.


Lewis and Clark


It’s okay, even the sky cries sometimes.

Now that I have drowned my keys with tears, I will create splashes with my fingers while I update you on the move.  We pushed the moving company up a week.  This will allow us to get out closer to the 1st of October.  It also means that I need to start packing.  I keep trying to figure out where to begin, but can’t seem to decide.  I have plenty of things I could pack up, but I enjoy looking at my stuff over sealed boxes.  I think I will procrastinate packing till after the long weekend.  I will also start an inventory of things that I would like to try and sell before moving, such as the washer and dryer since the new house already has one.  Anything to lighten the load that needs to be packed and put a little extra money in my pockets! Relocation is expensive after all.

I am also planning things birthday!  Her birthday is technically 2 days before we head to West Virginia so we have decided to celebrate it next weekend instead.  This will allow her to have plenty of time to enjoy whatever new toys she gets and allows for family to send things before the move rather than during the chaos of unpacking.  This will be the second year in a row that we have celebrated her birthday early because of a move! Eventually we will get to celebrating special occasions and holidays on the proper days!

Speaking of thing she wants to talk about missing her ferrets. Have a great long weekend and I will try and keep these eyes dry…


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