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Yesterday I had a day full of ups and downs.  It seemed more roller coaster like than it actually was or perhaps I just took it all in good stride.  I started my day off dropping the girls off at school, ordering an awesome birthday cake for Thing, filling up my tank and hitting the road to the nearest town.  I had no kids for the day with my husband home with Thing and available to pick the girls up from school.  It was going to be one of my first days in a long time I got to myself.  Excitement filled my car as I sang loudly and snapped to my playlist while driving an hour and a half into town to make it to my first stop, my main reason for going into town, an oil change appointment at the dealership.   I arrived into town 40 minutes earlier than anticipated so I squeezed in my most boring errand before hand to allow more time for pleasure later!  I completed my task of retrieving moving boxes, tape, and a new king sized Sharpie just in time to make it to my 10:30 appointment at 10:29.

We’re taking on the world today
You’re by my side it helps to be crazy
Taking on the world today
Don’t you ever get tired of being so lazy
Taking on the world today
Slow down the pace, life is amazing
Taking on the world today
Hey hey – O.A.R “Taking On The World Today”

I sat down inside the dealership and pulled out my kindle from my purse.  I have had this new book loaded on that I have been waiting to start.  I picked the author because I liked that he mixed actual historical events, weaving in real quotes, antidotes and stories from the people depicted in his stories while filling in the middle with likely scenarios.  A little fact with fiction, but mostly fact.  He writes how I wish to write.  I am very technical as a writer.  I can write a non-fiction piece well.  My biggest issue when taking fun writing classes in college is that I offer no flowery language, no fluff, just straight to the point.  I try to work on it, but as you can see adding in little witty comments and distractions is not my style.  My co-writers are much more talented at that than I!

The author is Eric Larson.  As I read I found my self fact checking on google, hungry for more history, only to realize he gave me everything that you could find online and filled in the middle with educated speculation.  I did realize upon googling that Leonardo DiCaprio had bought the rights to this book and intends to turn it into a movie.  Good thing I found it before that happened! I love Leo, but the book is always better – ‘The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America.’

I got to spend 4 hours reading my book, with an hour spent on the phone talking with my husband and in person with the mechanics.  Apparently my water pump was seeping.  I immediately saw dollar signs and the potential reason for my car having the issues that it had last month.  I watched as most of my day of happily browsing/shopping disappear in the pages of a book.  In all fairness that is not a horrible way to spend the day, but for once I had access to two of my favorite stores and lacked the time to visit.  At least  I got the boring, most practical task finished before arriving at the dealership.

My lunch provided by the dealership. I had the shakes for hours after all that caffeine!

My lunch provided by the dealership. I had the shakes for hours after all that caffeine!  On the bright side the popcorn was delicious!

Even with the clock counting down to the remaining minutes I could get away with staying in town to when my husband had to leave for work I was determined to get one more task completed.  Sure I lost my chance to get lost in Hobby Lobby while picking out new fun leather supplies and possible future home decor, but I was not going to miss out on getting a new vacuum belt.  I had spent an entire weekend in town looking for a new belt only to find out they were not carried or sold out.  I was not going to let the chance to get one in a real town pass me by.  I decided that I would get my workout by running into Target, finding my belt and running back to the car.  I did just that and then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of clearanced shoes.

I ended up picking up two pairs of shoe for Thing.  A pair of flip flops which in the description were labeled in her nickname for 2 dollars and a pair of pink Paw Patrol sneakers featuring Skye which were a little over half off.  She has a shoe addiction and very rarely gets a fresh pair for herself with two older, growing sisters with plenty to pass down.  Luckily her sisters never really wore a size 9 and jumped from 8 to 10 in one year leaving us room to buy her some, then add in her birthday coming up and she does deserve a few things of her own.  I quickly grabbed them and ran to the check out aisle.  When I turned on my car I realized I only spent 7 minutes inside Target and spent under $20.  New record achieved.

All we do is run around in circles
We just wait for everything to fall in place
We wait, all we love are things that we can figure
Out and I’m about to make a change
Everything around you is gonna change – O.A.R “Taking On The World Today”

I made it home with enough time to spare, even after my Jimmy Johns detour, to ramble on at my husband about shoes and vacuum belts.  You have never seen anyone as excited as me to finally be able to vacuum again.  On average I vacuum every night after the girls go to bed.  Not vacuuming for 4 days is its own form of torture.  I loaded on the new belt, excitedly turned on the vacuum and began pushing only to smell the distinct odor of burning rubber.  My belt had melted off.  After researching, trying different things read in forums, I have come to the conclusion that the roller brush needs replacement as it no longer moves freely.  I guess it is a good thing I received this lovely gift from a friend in the mail today because it is well needed or deserved!

Wine sent in the mail from the bestie!

Surprise wine sent in the mail from the bestie!


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