Psychic Monkeys

I have an obsession.  It has formed over the past week.  I knew that I always had a personality that could latch on to things found in media, books, movies, TV shows and philosophy.  I am attracted to things that can not be explained fully, but can be supported by some type of research or previous mind. I always have found 12 Monkeys and the authors that inspired the books to be the start of a serious passion.  As a kid, perhaps young teen, I would watch 12 Monkeys multiple times in a week.  I love the idea of time travel represented in that movie. I have not seen the new series on Sci-Fi, but have heard that they changed the basic concept of time travel a bit.  I will have to check it out on Amazon Prime at sometime, since I do not have cable, but hoping that it will soon be free to watch.

As an adult I found old VHS tapes with Doctor Who at my dads house.  I always assumed my Doctor Who love was something new in the past 5 years, but when my dad showed me old tapes that I made him record for me as a child I realized I was destined to find Doctor Who again as an adult.  I have always believed that the things that were meant to happen will always happen, even if you try to change the past you were always meant to do it, therefore, never really making a different time line, but completing the one that was already existing.

That was all off topic.  I found the show Sense8 on Netflix.  I watched the first episode and cringed through it.  I could not follow what was going on and thought that it was the most ridiculous show to receive 4.5 stars on Netflix.  I trust Netflix show creations because generally they make fantastic shows.  Peaky Blinders, Orange is the New Black, The Blacklist, The Fall, and so many others have been fantastic.  Especially Peaky Blinders. Damn fine show that one is.

Sense8 has become an obsession. I have watched the season twice and have an extreme temptation to hit the play button at the beginning of the series a third time. I am not sure what it is about the show. I assume it is the concept of psychic connection, but otherwise makes no sense for me to love intensely.  I always grew up with the idea of psychics being real in my family. My mother and some of her family mothers would always speak at lengths about conversations they had apart from each other.  I fell in love at the idea that people are connected beyond physical reaches. I love that they explore psychic connections, to the extreme in the show, but again show that people can connect in different ways.  I am not sure what the show sparks inside me, I just know it tickles some of my beliefs.



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