Boxing Up

I am having a very busy day that should continue for the next 9.  I finally officially started packing Friday. I am packing about 3 hours a day, plus taking care of any other little tasks that must be done, completing sheaths and still trying to manage the girls schools and activities during the week.  The trash guys could visit my house everyday to find a mostly filled bin.  I love the chance to declutter when moving, but honestly, I really have very little and most of the things landing in the trash are things that have built up over time – school work the girls could not let go of, chemicals that cannot be packed safely and other items against the moving companies rules.  Overall, packing moves pretty quickly when you do it almost yearly, unless of course you run out of boxes.


This morning I set out on my trek to pick up more boxes after dropping the girls off at school.  I have been collecting them as I come across them, always checking to see when they have been restocked, but today I had no such luck.  I have emptied this town of all it’s moving boxes.  This caused an unwanted detour of 35 minutes to the next town over.  We spent a total of 10 minutes in the store grabbing all the boxes that we could and drove 35 minutes back to town.  Since we had already lost our morning goals of picking up boxes, cooking breakfast and sharing with you fine viewers before 9 am we decided to continue on our afternoon errands so that Thing could have french fries when they were ready to be served.

Now we find ourselves full from lunch and ready to start packing some more boxes only to realize that I will need to pick up the girls in an hour and a half.  Seems like plenty of time to get things started, but today’s goal was to pack the girls bedroom up only leaving out what they plan on bringing with them on the road trip.  It is impossible to pack up their things when they are around because it all becomes high priority items that must stay out even if they have not played with it in weeks or months. I know what they play with day to day, as well as what is reasonable to bring on a car trip, and am not attached to any of their toys! So instead of packing their room I am catching up with you guys, while doing some laundry and rewriting my plans for the rest of the day.

9 days and counting till we hit the road!  Oh! I forgot to mention the best part!  We have finalized the house today! Cheers!


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