Coffee & Crepes

Crêpes (tradition bretonne) : Recette de Crêpes (tradition bretonne) - Marmiton < con menos azúcar:

Good Morning! I have coffee and crepes this wonderfully cool morning of only 76 degrees.  Yes, that is cool, I do live in the desert, but that is all about to change.  This time next week I will be sipping on to-go coffee hitting the road to my first destination on my trip to my new home!  Not only will I be moving to a better area, filled with nature, less crime, and better schools, but to a very exciting temperature change! I can not wait to get rid of these 100 degree days in a time a year where the leaves should be changing colors and dancing to the ground. Ah the little things in life.

You should see the meals that I have planned for the future week.  We may be enjoying a normal crepe breakfast this morning but for lunch and dinner we are planning a whatever we find in the fridge/freezer plus pantry item surprise!  The girls are loving the idea of having wacky meals.  I am not as thrilled, but you do what you need to do to not waste food.  Whatever canned and dry goods we do not get around to eating I will drive down to the local shelter for donation.

I have been working on a series to share while I am away on the road and settling into my new house.  I am quite pleased with it’s progress, enjoying the distraction of joyful memories that flood my mind while reminiscing. It amazes me how remembering a little about one time in your life can lead to triggers throughout the day to allow you to remember more.  I am relishing my trip down memory lane.

Even as exciting as this quickly approaching move is, there is a feeling of stress and anxiety in the air around the house.  Everyone is acting a little out of character.  The girl’s teacher commented that they seem a little antsy in class, more willing to engage in negative behavior.  Last week they would ignore the kid next to them who was trying to talk while working, but this week it is their last chance to talk with their friends before leaving.  Thing dances around the house, speaking a mile a minute while fighting her bed time by up to three hours each night.  She also has forced me to repeat myself several times in order to get her to do something.  It is frustrating.  I find myself a bit out of character as well.  Mostly I have an overall feeling of anxiety.

I am anxious to step foot in a house I now own, but have never seen for myself.  I am overly excited to have a house in which I can paint the walls and decorate anyway I see fit.  I am afraid that buying a house does not mean that we will stay in the area a long time. I have such high hopes and big plans for the yard, the garden, the house, the basement, and the future gatherings I will not be ashamed to host at my house because it isn’t a worn rental property.  So many feelings come with owning a home and I hope that the moment I walk onto the front porch all my worries will flutter away.

The wild flowers do not net or wiave but even the Salomon's Temple it is not prettier than any of them.............:


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