All Rise

I have been summoned for jury duty 3 times in the past 3 years.  It is amazing that I am called up so often when so many others I know have never been called up once in their lifetime.  The best part is that each time I have been selected I have just moved out of the state or will be moving out of the state within the month.  I always have a legitimate reason to be excused for jury duty because I no longer inhabit the required state.  I wonder if it is a sign that I need to be in the court room?  I do not mind the idea of jury duty, in fact quite the opposite.  I always hoped that I would be selected after they go through the selection process, but it is unlikely they would place a girl with a criminal justice degree in the stands. I am filling out my survey for my current jury summons because even when asking for a dismissal it is still the law to fill it out completely. I have selected yes to the first questions which asks if you would need round trip reimbursement.  I did the math and that is 3,627 miles!

I have heard of this man who feeds the birds in town, but I have never seen him before. I was able to witness him in action over the past 4 days when chauffeuring my husband back and forth to work while waiting for his car in the shop.  If you mention him to the townees they all have varied responses from anger, to confusion, to understanding.  Most view him as odd, crazy, wasting his time when they try to rationalize why he spends every morning dropping huge bags of food for hundreds of pigeons.  It does seem weird, but especially weird after I did the math. He must spend roughly 1,800 a month to toss 3 large bags of seed each morning.  I could find better ways to spend that money, but maybe this is his happiness.

Those who are angry are outraged by what he does each morning are the morning commuters.  He feeds them on the corner of a busy intersection which includes the main Highway that runs through town. Since it attracts hundreds of birds at one time it creates a bird droppings war zone on many individuals vehicles on their morning commute! It is very rare that you can make it through the intersection without being bombed, or so I am told.  I have remained untouched, but I am passing through before the battle officially begins.

It is little things like this that make a town unique and feel more like home.  You create stories about the man feeding the birds. Maybe he is trying to make a petition for Pigeons as NM’s new state bird?  You develop a story for the man who always plays a guitar wearing Hawaiian shirts in front of the grocery store or the woman who walks across town each weekday morning in 5 inch hooker heels and sweat pants.  These peculiarities make the town what it is.  These are the things that you will remember long after you have left.

pigeon balanceNow that's funny!Brought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples

I am 2 days out from leaving and 95 percent packed.  I only have to break down my furniture and pack up electronics. This will be my last live post for some time. I have prepared you an 8 part series, the 8th part to post once I have settled, that will be posted at the discretion of our other fine writers on this blog!



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