The Gypsy Series: The Beginning

Hello!  I am somewhere on the road!  Where I am I could not tell you because this moment hasn’t happened until just now.  My move from New Mexico to West Virginia has begun!  Due to the stress, limited internet access and extra activities associated with moving an entire family out of one home into another I have decided to start you on a travel series – The Gypsy Series.  I have moved several times in my life and in the theme of moving we shall explore those past journeys while building the anticipation of this current move!  Are your engines ready?! Let’s hit the road!

Which Way!?Staring into the rear view mirror I watched as I rapidly grew older while waving goodbye to younger versions of myself in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, South Carolina and North Carolina.  These childhood moves included my immediate family – my dad, my mom, my brother and our assortment of pets. They molded my character, my personality, along with developing my adeptness for future moves. Not everyone in my family viewed our nomadic lifestyle as positively as I did.  We all have our baggage that came with the lifestyle, but I feel mine was minimal. I still do not know if I subconsciously made a new life that would continue my traveling salesman act, or if this life was always meant to find me.

Gypsy Soul : Someone who possesses a gypsy soul is a person always in need of change and/or adventure.  A gypsy soul seeks the next best thing in any life situation.  They can be very passionate and often inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences.  Their sense of identity isn’t always sure of what they want out of life but they are determined to find it.

I believed for a long time that North Carolina would remain my home.  I went to high school and college here.  I had allowed myself to sprout roots for the first time while establishing real connections with people.  I have always been anti-social which I attribute to the moves, but in time I allowed myself to let down my guard a little.  Some of my best friends still  live in North Carolina today as well as my father who moved back to NC several years down the road.

I remember when the questioned was asked for me to move to New Jersey.  I had only been with my future husband for 8 months, but we were already living together, reaching a point where we had outgrown our town, and finished with our educations.  It was time to move on and start a new life. But which option would I choose?  Would I leave the first place I ever considered home or map uncharted land? I had gotten myself into some trouble around this time in my life that rattled the use of my degree in many states for several years.  I had lost part of my future plan because of this stupid action.  I still had hopes of joining the OTC Navy program and furthering my education towards a doctorate, but this decision I believe would have ultimately lead to the end of my relationship.  I still have a memory of walking out of the car, pacing back and forth on the side of the road while debating if I could actually change my entire life’s plan by saying yes to this question.

Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and just go where your heart takes you.

My life is extremely different than what younger me envisioned it to be. Traveling on the intended road had a strict route planned with no detours allowed.  I would have lived a solitary life.  I would not have considered marriage until in my 30’s and I would have never allowed myself to have children.  I would have been a strong, single, independent woman.  Funny the turns that life throws at you.  Instead, I packed up my life in the back of a 2 door ’98 Honda Civic and rode on the dirt road to New Jersey.


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