The Gypsy Series: The Twins

The moving truck company has most likely already arrived in West Virginia by this point in the move but currently we have yet to begin packing. I have begun to inform everyone about the upcoming move.  The schools have been notified and the teachers are already teasing about hiding my kids from me because they are not ready to let them go.  The girl scout troop leader has begun helping us find a new troop in West Virginia while readying the paperwork to allow for a quick, fluid transfer.  Every life that the girls come in contact with quickly attach to their warm smiles and upbeat personality. The girls have not batted an eye at the idea of moving.  It is natural to them.  They are young enough that they do not realize that this is not a normal way of life for everyone.  We have never lied or promised them a permanent residence.

Although they have never shed a tear over any of our moves I have for them.  It is hard to imagine the stress that comes with relocation.  Even now I find myself clinging on to the few shreds of goodness I have found in this hellish land.  The girls have no lingering desires for this town and only see the benefits of our new location.  Their main interest lies with the idea of being closer to both sets of grandparents and the promise of more outdoor activities with cooler weather.  You often hear them starting many sentences with a “when we get to our new house…,” or a “in West Virginia can we….”  I love how simple and relaxed this move is for them, but why wouldn’t it be?  They have been doing it since they were 18 months.

We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.

Jersey Shore Thunderstorm

Jersey Shore Thunderstorm

Two years after moving to New Jersey I ended up pregnant with twins.  It was an unexpected twist in our lives, but not completely unplanned.  We never believed in a “right time” to have a kid because no one can ever truly be ready for the role of parenthood, but this pregnancy led to the beginning of our future.  During labor I watched the Discovery Channel.  I loved to watch Man vs. Wild and as my luck would have it the Discovery Channel was having a marathon! It was a fantastic distraction until they switched the programming in the early mornings to another show – Heli-Loggers.  I had decided to try and sleep now that I could no longer survive in the wild with Bear, but my husband’s fascination quickly turned into a new life aspiration.  That night a dream was born and over the next year it was achieved.  He had become a helicopter pilot.

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. – Ernest Hemingway.

The girls had a huge impact on the path our future would go before they even opened their eyes to see the world for the first time.  They had inspired, guided and encouraged a life without even knowing it.  We move for them.  We move to grow our career quickly in hopes of being able to settle down while they are young enough to feel less of the impact of constant relocation’s.  Our first opportunity to advance our career happened when they were 18 months.  We had been offered a job in South Dakota.


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